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Study Abroad Birmingham, UK?

Well, this is a multi-part question. First of all, does anyone have any information on the University of Birmingham or personal experience with it? Has anyone studied abroad in England and enjoyed it?

Secondly, I obviously want to study abroad there but my parents aren't really up for it. I'm sure it's because its a year-long program instead of just a semester. I really want to go but I'm out of ideas to persuade them to let me go. Any new ideas?


And it will be my sophomore year. My dad think's I'm too young. Since when was 20 too young?

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    I studied for 3 years at the University of Birmingham. It is in Bourneville, a suburb of Birmingham. It's a "red brick" university, which means that it's a little over 100 years old. They have very extensive programs in all areas. Birmingham is in the Midlands so it is easy to get to other major cities in England. Birmingham airport will also get you to lots of other major cities in Europe.

    I really enjoyed my stay there. Birmingham is pretty safe and is close to Stratford on Avon, Warwick Castle, the Wedgewood factory. Birmingham has a fine selection of fine arts, dining, theater, and other attrations. The city itself is not really pretty, but Cadbury's Chocolate is on the outskirts, so life ain't all bad.

    I hope you can convince your folks. Good luck.

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    I spent some nights on the college of Notthingham. It has a dazzling yet incredibly extensive campus and the tiers are nicely regarded contained in the occupation marketplace. The halls of place of living are extraordinarily grand too! The worst element approximately Nottingham is that the city itself isn't between the nicest contained in the united kingdom. that's to no longer say that's a destructive one, yet different than what's organised by the scholars that's a extraordinarily boring place, and apparently the female:Boy ratio is extremely extreme. i've got in no way been to the college of Birmingham, yet my boyfriend went to ensure it and he needs to persist with now. Birmingham is a sizable busy city with some stable areas and a few undesirable areas. there is a few stable paying for and eating on hand! the two are Russell team Universities, the desirable set of Universites after Oxford and Cambridge. For psychology Birmingham is eleventh on the mum or dad League table, mutually as Nottingham is fifteenth.

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    as far as i know its pretty good its in the midlands so the cost of living would be less than in the south .( London etc) .From what i gather there are quite a few international students there and even the English students will come from all over England so you should find it easy to make friends I don`t know what you should tell your parents though.

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