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is for real?

I have been getting mails from this group of people telling me i won 1milon dollars did it happen to anyone elas out there?

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    Take a look around Yahoo! Answers. There is not a day goes by when someone doesn't post something about winning the lottery. It's just the latest scam. The spammers make up some lottery that does not exist, usually talk about some foreign country, then ask for personal information and/or money to 'claim' your 'prize.'

    It's all a bunch of crap. Those foolish enough to part with personal information will likely find themselves the victims of identity theft. Those who part with money will never see it again.

    There are only two basic ways to win money in this fashion. Actually BUY a lottery ticket. Or enter some kind of sweepstakes that a major company is advertising. No one will ever contact you out of the blue and give you a million dollars.

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  • 4 years ago

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