How do I convince my parents to buy me more clothes?

The only stores that I shop at are Hollister and Abercrombie. Trust me, im not one of those spoiled brats that get whatever they want. i practicely never get what i want. almost all of my friends parents buy them clothes like jeans and polos from abercrombie and hollister all the time. i know its kind of expensive, but i need new clothes! my school has dress code and you have to wear a solid colored polo. ive been wearing the same polos as last year, and they dont even fit me anymore (im in 7th grade)! they are like, skin tight, and my parents dont even care! i even have to pay for my own clothes, and i only get $5 a week! sometimes i dont even get my allowance. how do they expect me to buy the clothes i need? they want me to shop at like, WALMART! how do i convince them to buy me more clothes?

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    I totally know what you mean. I have a dress code and I have to wear solid colored polos in only 5 colors. : (

    My mom will pay for part of my clothes, like $10-15 for a polo and she will make me pay the rest.

    I do chores around the house and babysit to get more money to go shopping.

    Also, try Aeropostale or Old Navy. They both have cute clothes for a little bit less than Hollister or Abercrombie.

    Just talk your mom into paying for part of your clothes and then you can offer to pay for about $5 of something which might make your mom more likely to buy it for you. Good luck!

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    If you expect your clothes to be from those stores, that tells me you ARE a spoiled kid.

    There is nothing wrong with shopping at other (less expensive) places. There is no need to spend $40 on a polo when you can get a perfectly good one at Old Navy for $10-$15. And Walmart is even cheaper.

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    Try Old Navy. They have a lot of polos, in solids and stripes and they're priced, ok I guess although I think their crap should be cheaper since it's not made so great, but it's better than Walmart. Walmart doesn't carry a lot of sizes, I don't know what size you are but I never found shirts to fit me there, or pants. They're more tailored to juniors shapes (straight up and down) and they don't carry a lot of smaller sizes. I'm pretty sure they start at 3 for pants and they fit like a 7.

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    I suggest it's time you grew up a little bit and be more sensitive to your parent's financial situation...Your parents are not made of money, and even though you are only in 7th grade, nothing is stopping you from babysitting or mowing lawns for extra money...there are children in somalia who dont even have a polo that is too small on them to wear. When I was your age, all I got to wear were hand me downs or things from a second hand store...but I still managed to grow up, go to college, get a good job, get married...

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    i know how it feels my mom will get me anything. but my dad makes me buy my own clothes. if u want more money then start doing more chores around the house and make sure they notice that u r doing that. if u want them to buy ur clothes then tell them that its there job to pay for this kind of stuff that they r ur parents and they should get this stuff for u. but try diffrent stores that still have good clothes for less like dots or deb or tj-max or kohls or other places. just remember not to make them sound mean and that they dont care about u cuz they do they r just treahing u how to spend ur money.

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    WOW yer just like me except i get more allowance and i nver even knew walmart had clothes.. -_---

    anyways ...i love abercrombie and hollister too and they aRE EXPENSIVE so just try to get good grades the best you can do more chores to increase your allowance and start saving them


    if that dosent work then try to shop in some other stores they have rrrrrrlllly cute clothe like foever21 h&m and like delias and much more ~~~~

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    i understand your pain, but get real. if your parents can't buy you the clothes you want go get a friggin job. i started working in my moms restaraunt when i was 10. if i can do it you can do. stop whining about it and go babysit. don't expect the money for clothes to fall in your lap. your parents are probably trying to teach you a very hard but valuable lesson right now. you have to earn your keep. if you start now you will be so much better off down the road.

    I can tell you from experience that if you learn to work now you are SMART. I'm making friggin good money now that i'm on my own. and the kids that had everything handed to them have major problems with money. they never learned. take this negative and turn it into a positive. your parents know what they are doing.

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    hey... haha i used to love those stores when i was your age too! i'm in college right now.. and still sometimes wear stuff from there... what i did, was like did chores around the house and stuff... sometimes they would pay me extra for doing stuff, and it also showed i was responsible.... also... this is a good one.. tell your mom you don't wanna be one of those girls who wears everything skin-tight... she'll like that and want to buy you the right size... maybe consider some stores that are a little cheaper, but still have cute stuff... when i was your age.. i only went to those stores... but i learned to like H&M and aeropostale.. which are a little cheaper, and still have cute stuff.. give them a try! it can't hurt

    hope i helped! best of luck<33

    xox- amanda =]

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    Start walking around the house in the nude saying I have nothing to wear or you could get a JOB and buy your own clothes.

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    In the 7th grade, you need to worry about school and an education, not what type of clothes you wear so you can impress your friends or so they wont laugh at you. If you want to buy like that, get a job after school and work for the money

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