Now that Bo Schembechler's gone (may he rest in peace)?

What do you think this will do to the game tomorrow?

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    1 decade ago
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    What a story line this is now. #1 vs #2, the the biggest rivals in any sport and the death of one of the greatest college football coaches ever. Wow, this will be a must see game for all, not just sports fans.

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    Living here in Michigan and growing up in a family of Wolverine fans, I somehow turned out to be a Spartan fan.

    For whatever reason, just watching Bo coach rubbed me the wrong way. I can't place my finger on one specific thing, but the main reason I never cheered for UofM was because of Bo.

    That being said, I gladly cheer for UofM to win this game, not only because it would be great for the state of Michigan, but in great remembrance of Bo.

    I used to work in the same building where WXYZ-TV is located and I have a pretty good idea which bathroom it was that he collapsed. This almost seems like a story being written and we will be living through the story tomorrow.

    As has been mentioned today, Bo had heart problems and 3 weeks ago, in preparation of the taping of his weekly show (which was the reason he was there today), his heart rate supposedly raced up to 183 beats/minute. However, he finished the show, then went to the hospital.

    All in all, UofM will start out slow tomorrow, but will end up winning it late in the game.

    Ironic note: Bo came from an era where it was 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Run on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down and pass only when necessary. Bo was also known to have heart problems (and diabetes), and while the cause of his death has not been released, chances are it had something to do with his heart.

    UofM's current RB is named Michael Hart. I do NOT find that to be coincidence.

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    Well I have been involved with Football and basketball all my life its hard to say how it might affect the game , It could give the guys a spark , or it could leave them lacking a little concentration its hard to say , but with so much at stake I dont really think it will be a factor , God Bless Mr. Schembechler and his family he contributed so much to college football he will be missed . It's

    going to be a GREAT game tomorrow its almost here may the best team win , because whoever wins is the best team in college football !!!!!!!


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    Remember that Bo was a native of ohio. This loss affects the Big Ten as a whole. He was a great coach, and leaves a storied career in football for us to remember. God Bless Bo you will be missed.

    Go Bucks!!!

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    It might give Michigan a spark, the whole win one for the gipper state of mid. On the other hand, it might make them play slower. I'm sure that this is sad news for many of the players and coaches, and that is not a mentality that you want going into a game. It's really sad, all rivalries aside, he was a great coach.

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    it's a big shame that bo died :(

    however, that gives michigan an excuse if they lose! no offense, but the michigan coaches and players can be whiny sometimes if they lose.

    i still think the buckeyes will win, though.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sad to see him pass. He and Woody F. Hayes made the rivalry what it is today.

    Don't think it will affect the outcome, though.

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    Before he died he said Michigan would win this game. So sad. GO Michigan.. They will win for him :(

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    Buckeyes will roll right over the Wolverines.

    It's not a question of spirituality. OSU is the better team, on offense and defense.

    My take? It'll be a cakewalk. 34-7.

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    change it all together. amazing, just amazing.

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