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Does a Beta (Jap. fighting fish) sleep a lot and eat a lot less in the winter?

He could not apparently swallow for 8 weeks, just spit them back out, now eats one smaller pellet every couple of days and lays at the bottom all the time.His bright red color has deapened to a near brick red color. Does he simply need heated water or is this normal for his breed?

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    The betta is from the rice patty of thailand. so they love the warm weather and do know what cold is. he should be in water that is 78- 82ish. around in there is fine. but there could be something else going on with your fish. try feeding him something else like dryed bloodworms. it might be that he doesnt like what ur feeding him. his color change maybe because of the lack of nutrients that he's isnt eatting, because- it sounds like- he will only eat enough to stay alive. try this any other questions email me.

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    I'm afraid eve3ll doesn't know much about feeding fish. Betta like most fish will happily over eat. It's not very good for them. A betta really should be fed once a day with a skipped day once a week.

    As far as eating less are you sure the betta isn't just breaking up the pellets? A betta will grab a large flake, or pellet bit into it then spit most of it out. I'd look a food like freeze dried blood worms, and/or brine shrimp.

    As far as eat less in the winter. A betta is a tropical fish with an ideal temp of 75-85F. Much past 70F is really bad for a betta. You might be better off with a Paradise Gourami if you can't heat the bowl.

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    Nunya has it nailed. You need to make sure he is in tropcial temps.

    I personally use a heating pad under my betta's 2 gallon vase.

    Other people might have other suggestions.

    Make sure you put a tank thermometer in or on (depending on type) his tank/vase/bowl, and monitor the temp at least once a day. You don't want it to get too hot either.

    The optimum temperature range for bettas is 75F to 82F.

    Anything above 85 degrees or below 65 degrees is very dangerous for your fish. He won't last very long in such extremes. Temps below 75 degrees will compromise his health if he has to endure it for long periods of time.

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    ive had a betta for two years they need to be fed about 3 times a day even in winter. as for sleeping alot they sleep just the same all year around if you are good to keep their tank at the right temp. between 70 and 80 degrees.

    Source(s): ive done alot of research on this and it all has reported the same as the above information. if you like type in betta care into a search engine and read it for your self dear one
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    If the water is cooler then around 78 degrees then yes he needs a heater. Bettas are a tropical fish and all tropical fish need tropical temp water otherwise they can become sluggish and their immune system can become weaker, which of course can lead to disease.

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    Vegetarians who eat fish are called pescatarians. Obviously it is a semi-vegetarian diet...

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