i have a dark olive green suit with peach stripes, what coloured shirt should i wear in?

I have to attend a wedding. my pants are also of the same colour(dark olive green with peach coloured stripes)

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    You're pretty limited as to what you can choose. Either a white or a black, which both seem pretty yuck to me.

    Then all of the olive greens in the same tone as your suit, and all lighter shades of that same tone of olive green. To match the tones you'll probably have to take your suit (or a piece thereof) with you so you'll get the right tone. (Tone is the same mix of "under colours" as the original--whether a yellow tone or a blue tone, etc.)

    If I were doing this myself, I would buy a silk dress shirt in the exact colour and tone as the suit, and pair it with a plain silk tie in the same colour.

    You could always match the peach as well, although I personally wouldn't want to see that.

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    First choice is a peach shirt the EXACT same color as the stripes, but that's probably going to be hard to find.

    Second is white. It is a plain color which has no danger of adding to the already colorful suit and would generally look nice.

    Third is a very light, buttery yellow. Because green and red are opposites on the color wheel (and peach is 75% red, 25% yellow)

    You're options are limited. The only color they have in common is yellow, so it just might bring it all together.

    Do not choose black. It will look like an army uniform with the green and will bring out the peach way too much as the brightest color.

    Play with it, go with your instincts and have fun. Dress-up is fun!

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    Get a peach colored shirt and a tie that has both peach and olive(and other complementary colors) in the pattern..a paisley pattern would go nicely with the stripe. Have fun!

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    If the suit is more than a year old get another suit, but what ever you do don't wear a peach shirt.

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    Actually, you might want to stick that in the back of your closet and not tell another soul you have that. Taking it out to the trash is too risky- somebody might see! I wouldn't advise giving it to goodwill either, it's like plaguing somebody else. Honey- please! Don't do it! For what you chose, a good guess is you might want some extra assistance in the fashion department, and until then I would stick with the basics of black or dark gray with white, black or gray shirts. Just for now until we get you straightened out! Good luck!

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    either you have a very preppy taste and high on attitude or you are not reporting the right colors, is it a pinstripe, then it sok to wear a peach shirt, if they are like bold that god has already blessed you withg a lot of panache, go ahead pick up a bright mustard

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    Can u get a black or brown or grey suit, cos that suit sounds TERRIBLE

  • 1 decade ago

    peach colr is good

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