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Hello friends i wanna a key and serial no. tat can make my tally 7.2 licenced plz..?

And i wann ato knw tat if my tally is not licenced one ..tha wat r the problem thr ..which i am going to face ...

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    Why do you want to make it licensed may have only one reason ( if you have any other reason then let me know ).

    The reason is simple you want to use it in keeping your accounts in it and you are facing problem while entering date of vouchers, as educational software takes only 1st and 2nd of every month.

    If you are running your business and want to keep accounting of it then there is no use of doing it by any other way but to purchase the software and register it in your own name so that in case of any problem related to data or some options you can get help.

    If you have any other reason like you want to learn it or you want to see the features then then these things can be done in educational version also. just try to enter the vouchers in different months. you would see the net effect and different reports.

    you would get more insight about tally at these links.

    if you still have doubts related to entries then you can post a comment on it.

    more articles can be seen related to tally at

    Source(s): more articles can be seen related to tally at
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    wrong place to ask this in yahoo or google for key

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    the only way is to buy the software else you may face legal issues, and please write proper english so we know what you need.

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    Buy it

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