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What Allied country committed the worse and/or war atrocities of WWII?

AND of the WWII Axis countries who do you think was worse, Japan or Germany? There are 1000's of webistes I've checked.. Now I just want your opinion.

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    Allied Russia was by far the worst. They machine gunned their own troops from behind if they tried to retreat or fall back. There are so many accounts of Russian cruelity of what they did to German civilians. One incident of over three hundred girls and women and nuns being raped for days haveing their breast cut off then nailed to wooden doors and walls and being used for target practice. Field casteration of young german boys. And before people start about the US using atomic bombs (which I consider atrocities also) remember the Russians took almost double that number of prisoners who have never been heard from since being captured.

    As for Axis, Japan far outweighs the German. They killed over 17.5 million Chinese civilians alone from 1937-1944. In the Masacure of Nanking Japanese officers would place bets on how many heads they could chop off in one stroke before they had to resharpen their sword. Cheaters used children becausing their necks were thinner.

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    For allies USSR

    For Axis Germany

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    Axis - Japan. They experimented on Chinese living in Manchuria, using methods from poison gas to outright "how long can this human being live while we're doing this" torture. See "Unit 731" on Wikipedia, linked below, as well as the article on Japanese War Crimes.

    Allied - Russia, though they weren't considered part of Allied forces until Germany stormed their borders. Stalin thought it best to kill his own people during that time frame, and that is well documented.

    Hope this helps!

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    Axis - Nazi Party (not all of Germany agreed with the Nazi. Those who opposed it were either killed, sent to camps, or fled)

    Allied - USA (what many people does not realise was that Russia and Japan had in fact been negotiating a surrender, but even with this knowledge the US deployed the atomic weapons)

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    Barbarity, killing, and human slaughter on scales never seen before in history.....hmmm. i think the German solution to the "Jewish question" ranks above Japan's barbarity and Stalin's butchery. Why? The extermination camps were high volume, state-sponsored, and were targeted at eliminating an entire race, which to me, is the rankest measure of barbarity i can think of....

    I can still see the good folks from the pharmaceutical conglomerate IG Farben squirming on the Nuremburg stand trying to explain the 4 1/2 tons of Zyklon-B being delivered PER MONTH to the SS.

    But now that i think about it, the question is ludicrous, so just forget about....

    Source(s): ps: just remember when you buy Bayer aspirin from now on, what that company was doing from 1942 to 1945, and maybe you'll pick another brand....just a comment.
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    In first place is Russia as an ally. The axis nod will have to go to Nazi Germany, as in remember the Holocaust!

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    Difficult to say , could be the USSR killing thousands of Polish officers in the Katyn Forest or it could be the terror bombing of Dresden by the Americans and British.

    I don't think there is anything to choose between Germany and Japan

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    Russia committed the most atrocities during world war 2. I heard they killed something like 20 million people. The only reason we didn't do anything about them is they were on our side. Sort of. At first they were on the German side but then Germany attacked them, so Russia switched sides.

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    i could say this is maximum probable a toss up. i think of even regardless of the undeniable fact that, the Nazis had an ideology of exterminating the Jews as properly as murdering different peoples whom they seen untermenschen ( subhuman)The Nazis have been greater prepared than the jap in this admire. The Nazis needed to destroy the Soviet Union,Poland Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, even regardless of the undeniable fact that each and each u . s . a . had its Nazi collaborators as a strategies because of the fact the Soviet Union is in contact they have been instrumental interior the conflict against the Nazis. , and drove them out of neighbouring international places.So there is not any way that the Soviet Union could desire to be lumped including those Fascist international places wish this permits

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    Both, gee that was easy.Now we have countries like Iran, North Korea, etc that want to do the same! Don't you get it? Why do you think we are fighting for freedom? I spent 30 years in the US Marines fighting around the world. and without us the world would fall apart. Got it?

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