how to distribute fine wines?

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    In the US, we have distributers that are licensed and take the wine from your winery and distribute for you to local markets and interstate markets. If you are overseas, you need to hire a negociant, who will import the wine into the US and then hire a distributer who will take the wine from them and distribute to market. The individual State laws can be very, very complex. For example you cannot import wine into NewYork without a license from that State, Pennsylvania is so archaic they require you to be a State store to sell wine. Every State has their own laws regarding importation and sale so you are almost required to have a distributer. Go to a store and read a few labels to find some of the larger importers. Southern Wine and Spirits comes to mind off-hand here in California.

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    Drink it from the bottle or fill up a jar,Pilgrim.

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