Computer won't play CD's anymore?

i just burned an audio CD and my computer wont recognize it. No media program can open the CD and play it. When I look in My Computer and open the CD drive, it says the files but with .cda extension.

I'm guessing i have a file association problem? Can anyone help me get this back to normal? It does work on my stereo so its not the disc.

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    1 decade ago
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    with the extension thing going on Id like to tell you you need a new disk drive. in oreder to deal with this youll need to buy a new disk drive normally if you goin to best buy and give them an explaination of whats goin on theyll tell you how to change that (it's actually not that hard i know).

    The only other thing i could tell you is goin to And download media player 10 and rip the songs on that.

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