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Les Miserables 10 Points!!!!?

What is the best song off of the Les Miserables soundtrack? What are your favorite? Thanks for Answering in Advance!!!

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    We performed this in my high school! I Dreamed A Dream or On my Own.

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    well i have not heard the soundtrack, but i have seen it on broadway 6 times

    my favourite parts are a combination of the scene and the song.

    and it is a tie between

    "Do you hear the people sing" done on the revolving floor at the Bennidict Theatre in Pittsburgh, it is the barricade scene durring the French Revolution.

    and the fight between Jean and Javert. that paticular bit of song is masterfuly done with Jean and Javert fading in and out so that the importent parts of what each has to say are the prominent part of the song at any specific point.

    The death of Javert is well done also.

    and who can forget "Lovely Ladies" the introduction of Fauntine as a Prostitute after looseing her job in Jean's factory.

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    Being in a production of Les Mis, I heard many of the songs many times over... even though ours wasn't a musical! We simply used the soundtrack for "mood music" and between scenes. My favourites were "Do You Hear the People Sing?" and "Beggar at the Feast".

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    Although the entire score has some truly fantastic music, my favourite song would have to be "One Day More". It is the finale of Act One and masterfuly brings together all the characters we have seen and tells us what to expect after interval. Asides from that it is full of some great singing as well.

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    Castle on A Cloud i love that song

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    ever read the unabridged book? How 'bout in the original french? That would be better...

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    On my own.

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