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Sure, he may be funny, but how much staying power do you think that Sasha Cohen has?

Seems to me that the Borat gags are funny for the first few minutes but can Sasha Cohen sustain this character over time? Also, how nice a man is he really? Do you think that he makes jokes at the expense of others?

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    Sacha Baron Cohen has been around for many years. He had a very successful career in the UK as Ali G (HILARIOUS), interviewing tons of people in the guise of a sort of exaggerated hip-hopper. That was well before he launched his Borat character internationally. He is a very, very talented comedian, very sharp and quick and a master at playing off of other people. His success will probably mean that he won't be able to catch as many people by surprise anymore but I imagine he'll find plenty of character roles in Hollywood, such as his French racecar driver in Talladega Nights.

    I don't think his intention is to make jokes at other people's expense- he merely makes them reveal their true character by playing the idiot. Yes, he is crass and can be very insulting but I don't think he actually means a word of what he says. To be fair, I've never actually seen or read an interview with him as himself so it's hard to judge!

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    A lot he was a pretty big star in Britain and then he moved his show to the US on HBO.... Ive been watching it for a while. Although Borat is done forever because everyone knows him, he has Ali G and Bruno to fall back on. He was in Talladega Nights and was funny so at least he can act. Plus hes a comedic genius who can probably make up another person.

    (P.S. this is what the alphabet would look like without Q and R)

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    I think he's hilarious and he'll ride the Borat train for as long as he can (which is looking like it's going to be a long ride right now) and then he still has a few other characters from Da Ali G Show that are untapped in the movie market. I think he's great - and people need to lighten up about his humor. He is what he is.

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    often times comics get a acceptance as having the midas touch. seem at Adam Sandler. He stopped being humorous in the past. only like Robin Williams. Who pitches those unfunny video clips? Who theory 12 months One replaced into humorous? answer: no one!! 2 stable performers who could no longer conquer a adverse script and a braindead director.

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    He can come up with another character, he also is Ali G from Da Ali G Show, I'm sure he is a nice guy

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    I read in the paper that he was only going to do Borat now, and if that is the case...well all I can say is remember Pee Wee Herman?

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