How can I tell if I have static or dynamic IP Address?

Where in Windows XP I can see that I am using Static IP Address? Or I can tell because I use DSL/ADSL connection or dial up?

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    Open a DOS window, and type the command:

    ipconfig /all

    Look at the results. If the line Dhcp Enabled has a Yes beside it, you have a dynamic IP address. You'll also see at the bottom of the output when the lease was obtained and when it expires. This is when your machine got the IP address, and when it will be getting a new one from the DHCP server.

    If the line Dhcp Enabled has a No beside it, you have a static IP address.

    In all likelihood, you have a dynamic IP address. Static is available on ADSL connections, but it usually costs more.

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    The IP address from your ISP is assigned one of two ways: * Set to an IP address which is unchanged for months or years at a time. This is a static IP address. * Set to an IP which is only good for a limited time, and which is changed according to the policy set by your ISP's DHCP server. This is a dynamic IP address. Because a static IP can be relied on for an indefinite period, some networking software requires a static IP. ISPs usually charge extra for static IPs. Your ISP may not be willing to give their customers static IP addresses at all. Dynamic IPs are used in large networks where computers are frequently reconfigured, or where a limited number of IP address are available to share between many computers.

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    How can I tell if I have static or dynamic IP Address?

    Where in Windows XP I can see that I am using Static IP Address? Or I can tell because I use DSL/ADSL connection or dial up?

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    Static IP simply means that your IP is always the same while dynamic means it changes (as set in configuration – usually with every reboot and every few days or so). Some ISP (like Comcast for instance) provide static connection by default – still its possible to request dynamic connection by calling them.

    Most certain way of determining is it static or dynamic would probably be simply observing does your IP change over some period of time.

    To see what your current IP is simply click link below and note numeric value, than observe does it change after reboot or/and few days:

    You could also examine routers interface or use “netsh” command to see is your hardware configured for dynamic connection:

    Page below has some info (in its lower part) referring to subject:

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    The likelihood is you are using and an IP automatically assigned to you. If you have Windows XP follow the steps below to find out:

    Start->My Network Places, then right-click on the Local Area Connection that's connected and choose properties.

    On the General tab find the box with "This connection uses the following items:" Click once on "Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)" <do not uncheck the box>. Then click the properties button underneath.

    On the General tab in the new window you'll see two radio buttons, one saying "Obtain an IP address automatically". If this is what's chosen then you have been assigned an IP dynamically via DHCP.


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    You have a Dynamic IP address, unless otherwise specified by your ISP for hosting purposes.

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    It's not clear from your post whether you're asking about your internal or external address, but since you're mentioning connections, I'm going to assume the latter. You typically cannot check whether your external address is static or dynamic. Even DHCP assigned addresses can be static in some connections. Call your ISP and ask. It's the only way you'll know for sure.

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    If you are not sure most likely you are using a dynamic address. Type in ipconfig /all in a command window. To open up command window go to run and type cmd. It will tell you you ip and if it is DHCPing

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    did u set the IP address manually ,if so u call it as static

    otherwise its dynamic as others said

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