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What is the difference between parenting and grouping in maya?

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    Grouping two or more objects connects those objects with an additional node, called Group, which you use when you want to perform an action to both, such as moving them at the same time.

    "Parents and children in hierarchies work as follows: Where the parent goes, the child must follow, but the child is otherwise free to roam. The child objects can still be animated independently, however, without affecting the parent .With groups, the group node can be animated and all the members of the group follow the group node, but the group's members can still animate independently of the group. When you group several objects, Maya creates the group transform node, which can't be rendered.

    You can directly assign hierarchical relationships to objects by selecting the child object(s), Shift-clicking to select the parent, and then choosing Edit >Parent (hotkey: p). Any transform applied to the parent is then reflected in the child. You can also break this bond by using Edit>Unparent (hotkey: Shift+P). This works only when the child object or objects are selected."

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    I actually doesn't use MAYA , but it seems like 3DSMax , if so , it's like this :

    Parenting : the child (slave) follows the parent in each move or scale ,or..... but the parent doesn't .

    Grouping : each member ( object ) in the group follows all the other objects in the same group ; the objects follow each other , and they are completely connected ...

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    check with the following links ...

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