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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 1 decade ago

Thor and Beta Ray Bill vs Superman and Captain Marvel?

who woudl win and why

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  • Lem
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    1 decade ago
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    Tough call.

    Bill is probably the first to be disabled.

    Captain Marvel is most likely to give Thor a run for his money as he wields the attributes of the (greek) gods. His weakness, as many have pointed out is that Thor can probably force a change back to Billy with a lightning strike. However I don't see Thor opening with a lightning strike unless he already knows about this weakness. More likely I think you would see the big red cheese purposely intercepting a huge lightning stroke aimed at Superman to take one for the team, but getting knocked out of the battle in the process.

    If you have pre-reboot, boyscout, mega-powered superman, then Thor may have some trouble. Once again I doubt that Thor would be immediately aware of Superman's vulnerability to magic, and would probably go for the physical attacks first. Thor's lightning attacks are probably elemental rather than magical - so just another energy attack for Superman to shrug off. If Thor does finally resort to his mystic attacks, Superman is toast - the question is one of whether he'd view the fight as honorable combat and stick to the hand-to-hand stuff, or resort to magic in desparation to take out his foe.

    Furthermore, Captain Marvel certainly, and (pre-reboot) Superman probably have the necessary nobility of spirit to wield Mjolnir, if Thor should happen to lose control of it during the battle. This could prove a serious liability for the Marvel team. Of course only Bill can wield Stormbreaker.

    On the other hand if you have post-crisis, reboot Superman, you might as well just have Captain Marvel fight alone. This version of Superman is routinely stunned by line current. Mystical lightning would just turn him into so much Kryptonian vat-spooge.

    I think overall you'd see Thor being the last man standing, but with a pre-reboot Superman it would be a much closer fight.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a tough fight. At first I leaned towards Superman and Captain Marvel. Since Captain Marvel has many of the same powers at the same (or possibly greater) levels as Superman they pack a hell of a lot of power!

    ...but the main weakness on this team is actually Superman. He is just as vunerable to magic as most people (superheroes). Since both Mjilnor and Stormbreaker have a multitude of enchantments Superman would succumb, not easy but he'd fall first. Next to go down is probably Beta Ray Bill, if for no other reason then his body (being cybernetic) wears out before Captain Marvel. Then it is down to an exhausted Captain Marvel verses a tired Thor (who has also been fighting). This goes to Thor who hasn't had to fight as hard so probably has more fight left.

    Winners Thor and Beta Ray Bill.

    Source(s): Possibly too many years reading comics!
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    Since this is a battle royal situation this fight gets blood real fast. Aquaman goes down in about three seconds flat... KO'ed by Namor. While Captain Marvel (Because SHAZAM was the old wizard) and Thor go toe to toe, Submariner and Beta Ray Bill double team Superman. The Deciding factor in the Captain Marvel and Thor fight is sheer tenacity. Both weild godly power, and both have power that stems from mystic sources. I give this to the Odinson since he shattered the cycle of Ragnarok, as well as sacrificing BOTH his eyes to gain devine knowledge. So I think Thor is more willing to give everything to win. Superman, though powerful, doesn't fair too well when the numbers game comes into play. Namor is probably up there in the top tiers of strength and durability... after all he has gone toe to toe with Hulk level brawlers. So he can take a beating from and one to Superman. The thing people forget about Bill is that he has nearly the same powers and abilities as Thor himself. Bill has godly strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Bill's Hammer, Strombreaker, has similar enchantments as Mjolnir and can produce many of the same effects as Thor's can. Plus (Like Thor) Beta Ray Bill is nearly invunerable, and since his body is a cybernetic construction, he is practically immortal. Namor falls to Superman, he just can't keep up with Kal-El's sheer power. Superman and Beta ray Bill are probably close to each other in ability but even if Supes defeats Bill, the fight leaves him exhausted and wounded, possibly crippled. This makes him easy pickings for Thor and his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Marvel wins due to numbers, and power.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hard to say. as Beta Ray Bill and Thor's powers are based in Magic and superman is vaunerable to magic. Thor and Beta Ray woulkd take Captain Marvel out pretty easily. I'd give it to them in the end.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Much as I like Superman, he is vulnerable to magic. So all that Thor has to do is use the hammer to call up some enchanted lightning, and Superman is down for the count.

    Similarly, Captain Marvel was shown to be susceptible to the magic lightning in the Marvel-DC crossover-- it will revert him to his secret identity, and then it's Billy Batson vs. Beta Ray Bill!


    16 NOV 06, 1533 hrs, GMT.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thor and beta ray bill.

    Thor could take out the whole dc universe by himself- he is a GOD!

    not only is he a god but he has the "odin power" the power of odin and the power of the runes of creation- read thor dissassembled.

    Beta ray bill is an alien that can hang with the gods and fights with them during ragnorok, not nearly as powerfull as thor with odin's power but still as powerfull as the old thor (a little less).

    Thor would simply use the rune magic to rip off superman and captain marvel's heads (with them still alive of course) so they can see him take a crap on them before he writes them out of existance forever. Just like he did with loki (sans taking the crap of course).

    the rune magic wasn't really explained yet, but it was described as the most powerfull magic of all time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, let's see... Thor can lift 100 tons according to the Marvel Handbook.

    Superman can lift over 200,000,000 tons (and this is AFTER he was powered down by John Byrne; pre-Crisis Superman could toss freakin' planets around with a flick of his wrist) without breaking a sweat according to the DC encyclopedia.

    Then Supes has got Heat (Laser) vision which can slice through materials and/or burn them to a cinder; Super (tornado force) breath which can freeze, or blow trucks and tanks across football fields; Invulnerability that can withstand even Wolverine's claws. Sorry, Wolvie, adamantium can't penetrate Supe's impenetrable skin.

    He can fly into space and survive in the vaccume of deep space, he has superspeed enabling him to move faster than Quicksilver and Northstar combined, and he is very smart with access to advanced alien tech (Fortress of Solitude).

    And Thor does what again? Oh, he can create storms with a lobster mallet.... Big Whoop.

    Superman doesn't even NEED weapons.

    I'm gonna have to go with Big Blue on this one.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    superman b/c hes SUPERMAN n ctp marvel can help but i never heard of beta ray bill n is thor the accient god?

  • 1 decade ago

    um... let's see... thor and beta ray bill can lift 100 tons each, superman can lift like 800 tons and capt marvel is pretty much his equal... gee, hard call there... NOT

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