In the state of Ga. does anyone know of any assistance program to help you pay for medical bills?

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    Google search: medical assistance georgia,2094,314...

    Medicaid, Georgia.,2467,31446711...

    Georgia Department of Community Health

    Google search: medical bills help georgia

    It sounds as though there is not a program to help people with medical bills which they already have incurred.

    "Parent to Parent of Georgia: Roadmap to Services."

    Best wishes to you. (You did not mention children, but perhaps the roadmap to services will be useful anyway; and if you repeat the search as noted, you will see other sites which may sound to you as though they apply more closely to your situation.

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    Off hand I'd have to remind you that most states, including Georgia have State sponsored Medicaid and Medicare programs, like in all states you must fit the criteria for qualifying, IE income, need, and

    age factors or impairments, depending on your the particular need, or the seriousness of the aliment and the cost of treatment you may be eligible for assistance or partial assistance dependent on what your insurance does or does not cover. I'd apply for both and those agencies can provide you more information regarding your options and other programs you may qualify for.

    Source(s): Dept. of Health, State of Georgia
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