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tell me about the Nicaragua election that just happened and?

what implications the media has on the election

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    Nicaragua held a general election on 5 November 2006. The country's voters went to the polls to elect a new President of the Republic and 90 members of the National Assembly, all of whom will serve five-year terms. Daniel Ortega (FSLN) won the race with 37.99% of the vote, Eduardo Montealegre (ALN) trailing with 28.30%, José Rizo (PLC) with 27.1%, Edmundo Jarquín (MRS) with 6.29%, and Eden Pastora (AC) with just 0.29%.[1]

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    I had already heard the archives you have have been given provided. I even have yet to hearken to them contradicted by way of human beings that help Zelaya. Zelaya is the only staging a coup. this is a coup over their very own shape. the blunders grew to become into as quickly as no longer impressive him as a traitor to the rustic while that they had the possibility. some thing to endure in techniques top right here. In u.s., a soldier's first and maximum needed criminal duty is to uphold the form in direction of all enemies, foreign places and abode. that's to no longer somebody guy or woman or maybe the federal government frequently. i've got faith this is equivalent in Honduras. That approach it wasn't a coup on the grounds that they have been satisfying their sworn initiatives.

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