Which Fantasy Football is better, Yahoo or CBS?

Prefer a comparison of CBS Fantasy Commisioner and Yahoo Fantasy Plus.

My league has done Yahoo for 3 years now and i have always been interestd in moving them to CBS. Id like to here some comparisons between the two, or what you think about one.


My Leagues Website is h4msports.tripod.com If anyone had interest

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    not even close, Y! all the way....

    sportsline is a joke....

    foxsports in the inbred stepchild of all fantasy sports....

    espn has a nice live draft system but their game is too screwy...

    Y! is the best...


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    I have leagues in both yahoo and CBS Sportsline.

    I like CBS Sportsline a lot better yahoo doesn't have live scoring. I believe you have to pay to have Stat Tracker for the whole season. CBS give you way better E-Reports for your team and the league for free. The analyst are way way way better. For FREE!

    CBS has a couple of Fantasy Shows like Who Hot? Who's Not?, Must sits and Must Plays and show's that give you advice and keep you up to date with everything going on in the NFL.(5 Minute shows)

    You can also make Polls and Surveys on the main message Board,.

    Source(s): Yahoos Fantasy Basketball is better in my opinion, but CBS Fantasy baseball is awesome!
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    I gotta go with yahoo. I like the format they have and all the different stat catagories you can choose from...not to mention all the types of Fantasy Sports you can play. I use to use CBS but found that Yahoo was much more fan friendly. I also do ESPN but I dont like thier scoring system as well, but do like thier live draft and the speed of getting accepted into a league. Overall, Yahoo is the best though.

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    Better interface, stack tracker, and years of history with great trck records in fantasy sports. Not just NFL, but NBA and soccer. Also they have great bloggers and sponsoships.

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    not explaing anything I know for sure it is yahoo.

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