My notebook stopped working, while restarting after a virus/spy-ware check. What can I do?

Yesterday I downloaded 'spy-ware terminator' to scan my notebook for viruses and other malicious items. It found several and deleted them. It also found a '...WINNT\system32\config\soft... item which it wanted to remove but couldn’t. So I searched for it and tried deleting myself but because of some 'sharing violation/prg in use' notification i failed. Spywareterminator tried removing it itself but again was unsuccessful. The last message i got was "stop the process: SPYWARETERMINATOR" and it instructed me and gave me the option to restart the computer. I restarted it, but now the computer does not work- it stalls right at the beginning of the restart procedure where is says "windows is starting up..." and then loops and switches off and restarts again only getting as far as that screen. Why did this happen and, what happened...and what can I do?

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    This is know as the Blue Screen Of Death. its quite common. the only thing that i have figured out to do is reformat

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    Try rebooting in "Safe Mode"

    and preform a system restore

    To do this hit the F8 button repeatedly when the computer first turns on. This will then take you to a menu screen. find the Safe Mode option and press enter.

    once the desktop is present open the start menu and go to all programs ->accessories->system tools->system restore.

    follow directions and see if this helps. Then if system restore works, try running another scan using a different spy ware scanner such as Ad-Aware you can get the free version (which works quite good) at

    Also run a full system scan using your primary Anti-Virus scanner

    *Note: Run all scans after the restore in safe mode.

    If you are unable to get into safe mode you may have to reinstall your OS.

    Hope this helps.

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    You have a serious problem. I think you may have to format the hard drive. Try to start in safe mode and carryout a system restore. Losing data on a hard drive is the worst nightmare of any computer owner. However, somehard drive problems can be easily fixed yourself by using easily available tools. I found the info at useful

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    Is the working gentle engaged on the front precise? My wager without seeing the motorbike is that the project lies between the swap (handlebar swap) and the flasher unit on the wires for the main appropriate section turnsignals. as uneven suggested, initiate sorting out with a multimeter and you will discover your problem extremely without postpone. it is likewise REMOTELY possible that the two precise section bulbs blew, yet exceedingly no longer likely. in the event that they the two did, then i could be checking for a floor that ain't suppossed to be there.

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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    1 decade ago

    call e-mail the company where you got your computer and ask them what you can do

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