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Baby sling?? Any suggestions??

I am thinking about buying a baby sling. My son is 5 months old. I know they make ones that are baby to toddler. Those of you who have one, which brand would you recommend? Do you like them? Do you find them useful? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I got a Maya Wrap as a gift while I was pregnant and it was the BEST gift I got!! I have used it since my son was just days old and still use it as a hip carry now that he is 22 months.

    The Maya Wrap is good up to 45 lbs.

    It comes with a DVD and I confess that I had to watch it a couple of times and I had to practice a bit but it quickly became second nature. My son loves it and has NEVER protested when we use it. I cannot recommend it enough!


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    Wearing a sling (or a hard carrier) is a very personal thing: there are dozens of varieties which will fit millions of bodies in thousands of different ways. When choosing a sling or carrier, consider this:

    How big is your son? Is he small, average, large? In my experience, smaller children are easier to carry in a sling; larger children are easier to carry in a hard carrier.

    How strong is your body? Can you carry him in something that puts a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulders? Or do you need to spread out the pressure? Would you do better with a sling/carrier that offers lower back support?

    Since you asked about slings (and not carriers), most people will point you to Dr. Sears' "Original Baby Sling." In my personal experience (and that of several mothers I know), Dr. Sears' contraption is not worth the money. It's difficult to wear unless you're fairly tall, it's difficult for baby to get comfortable and it runs the risk of making baby overheated because the fabric and padding are too thick.

    My son and I really enjoyed the "Ultimate Baby Wrap." It's a big swath of t-shirt material that spreads the baby's weight evenly over your upper body and it stretches to conform to the baby's shape. It also lets your baby snuggle, or see out, or side-carry, or ride piggy-back.

    I only used a sling until my son was about 4 months old because he was such a big baby (95th percentile) that it was too much of a struggle to get him in and to tote him around. Now I just use an umbrella stroller or, if we're at the store, he rides in the cart while sitting in a Floppy Seat.

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    I have a HotSling. I love it and so does my son. The baby can be positioned lying down if they're tired, facing out if they're alert, and when the baby gets older you can do a hip carry so it's not such a strain on you. They have tons of cool patterns (for the stylin' mama & baby!). It's so nice to not have to drag the stroller out when I need to quickly run into a store. I also like it because its more "personal" than shopping with him in his carseat-he's close and cozy. It's also leaves my hands free which is very convenient for getting things accomplished. My HotSling is well worth it!

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    Do a wrap not a sling!! Slings have suffocation hazards for little ones lower than 6 months. as far as wraps flow, i imagine Moby Wraps are the finest because they're the most versatile and the least complicated (plus they comprise very particular use instructions for procedures to carry newborns, little ones, and little ones!), yet quite somewhat any wrap you get is going to artwork nicely.

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    I use a Baby Bjorn. The baby can face either in towards you, or out to see what's going on. You can either leave their arms out of the arm spaces, or put them in.

    When I wear my baby facing in, I don't put her arms through the arm holes.

    My daughter is active and it's the best sling I've used.

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    I had one because I wanted to "bond" with my son....and I read that keeping them close to you helps with bonding....while I don't really know if that's true or not....I do know he enjoyed the ride when I vacuumed and walked on the treadmill...he hated it any other time....Also, I only used it when he was really alot smaller than 5 months....It was a hassle to get him in & out and I usually needed my husbands help, but it served me well when I needed it.

    I would encourage you to read the medical reviews on these things too, because when I was researching, I stumbled across several articles that discussed the pressure on their little legs for the ones that had two slots for their legs....Of course there are all types of opinions out there, it's best to go with your gut....

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    I really like my front carrier, it was cheap compared to a lot of the ones I looked at and it's been wonderful for us! My little girl loves to be in it, in fact we are going out of state to an indoor football game this weekend and plan to "wear" her while we are there :)

    And as for any concerns about hurting their legs, as long as you don't carry your baby around in it all day every day it's not a concern.

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    I have one and I tried using it and my baby HATES it!! If your baby is anything like mine and always wants to see whats going on, even when hes asleep with one eye open then I say don't even bother and just use the stroller but if your baby is content with just seeing what he can then yah go for it!!!!!!! I would say to get one where he could look out instead of facing you.

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    I have a baby helmet. I made it out of a motorcycle helmet and a booster seat that is used at the movie theater. It works really well, and best of all my baby feels like the KING!! Only downside is that you will have to strengthen your neck muscles probably, and you will have to find your own motorcycle helmet and baby seat. Don't steal my idea either and try to sell it.

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