I'd like to buy a nice 6-8" chef's knife and paring knife for about $100 total. Ideas?

This is for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and me. I've signed up for the "knife basics" cooking class, and we're required to bring our own chef's knife, paring knife, and cutting board.

I've seen some knives in Williams-Sonoma or on-line that range in the $150+ range for a paring knife plus a chef's knife (Globe, etc.). I'd like to know whether I can buy a knife with that same quality for about 30% less (since I have to buy two sets -- one for me and one for my girl).

But if going down to the $50-60 knives means a considerable lack in quality, please let me know. I have a drawer full of junk knives, and I'm sick of it.

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    I'd go with a good knife like Henkel or Wusthof. Look for a fully forged knife with rivets and a full "tang". A 6" knife is kinda small for alot of kitchen use, though it's great for dicing and chopping. A 8" knife is okay, but I'd look for a wide bladed one like http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=602

    and a paring knife like http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=562

    I also love this knife http://www.cutleryandmore.com/details.asp?SKU=1201 . Just shop those item numbers around, maybe on eBay...you can get them WAY cheaper than Williams-Sonoma.

    Cheaper knives are out there, but you get what you pay for. I'v had my 10" wide Wusthof for over 15 years, and use it everyday. Good Luck!

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    Pampered Chef has some wonderful knives with a lifetime warranty. They have a new forged cutlery line. The Chef's Knife is $75 and the Paring Knife is $29.

    They also have another line that comes with a self sharpening case. These also have a lifetime warranty. The Chef's Knife is $26 and the Paring Knife is $15.

    These are NOT poor quality knives. They are very durable and cut very nicely. Just sharpen them every few uses.

    They also have severalnice cutting boards. One has measuring cups in it.

    I hope this helps.

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    Try J.A.Henkels(name brand), they have the best knives that range from pricey knives all the way to knives that can be bought at Target. They really are the best knives! Later on if you two decide to get married teh expensive line would be a great idea for several gifts. You could ask several family and friends to buy one or two of the knives and a knife block to put them in. Or do it as a Christmas gift to one another each year adding a new one to your collection. Have fun!

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    Try Bed,Bath and Beyond or Linen's N Things because they also carry good quality knives like Henkels and Wustof. You can also try Sur La Table.

    When looking for knife look for a full tang (the steel runs all the way through the handle) and a comfortable grip. Don't buy a knife with a metal handle. The reason behind this is when your hands are wet the knife can slip causing some serious injury.

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    Try the Hinkels series called "Classic" they are full tang, ss and carry a warrenty. Bed Bath and Beyond carries them and department stores that have house wares. Some other good ones are Chaphalon knives. I got a Santuko knife for 39.99.

    if you want to spend a few more dollars, try the Hinklels "4 star" A little more than the "Classic" series.

    For cutting boards I would go to Ross, Tj Maxx or Marshalls. the prices are lower for higher quality boards. Stick to wood, plastic stains and gets gross and glass will dull your knives.

    Just remember don't put any of these knives or wood cutting boards in the dishwasher, the harsh detergents can damage the cutting edge and cause your boards to warp. Good luck!

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    I got the BEST chef's knife, by Victorinox, at Amazon.com. The knife was only $30, came highly rated by America's Test Kitchen, and I have found it to be very reliable, very comfortable and a great bargain. I also have the paring knife from Victorinox.

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    I have some great stuff available....

    Pampered Chef

    mine are lifetime warranty and the steel is made by the same company as the Henkles, CutCo and other German Steel blades

    if your interested email me directly.

    the 8" chef's knife is $75 the 3 1/2" paring is $29.

    they are German steel, beautiful and great quality!

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    Chicago Cutlery Insignia Edition...

    Best Inexpensive knives you can find, and you won't be paying extra money for the European imports and fancy names.

    I wouldn't trade mine for a complete set of Henkels...

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    very best deals are on e-bay....

    people will hate me for this,but from personal and professional experience,Henckel and wusttoff are sooooooooo overrated.

    Source(s): line cook,sous chef and head chef for over 12 years
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