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Tourism like as an industry?

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    As a service industry, tourism has numerous tangible and intangible elements. Major tangible elements include transportation, accommodation, and other components of a hospitality industry. Major intangible elements relate to the purpose or motivation for becoming a tourist, such as rest, relaxation, the opportunity to meet new people and experience other cultures, or simply to do something different and have an adventure.

    Tourism is vital for many countries, due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment and economic advancement by working in the industry. For these reasons NGOs and government agencies may sometimes promote a specific region as a tourist destination, and support the development of a tourism industry in that area. The contemporary phenomenon of mass tourism may sometimes result in overdevelopment, however alternative forms of tourism such as ecotourism seek to avoid such outcomes by pursuing tourism in a sustainable way.

    General Definition


    One of the earliest definitions of tourism was provided by the Austrian economist Hermann Von Schullard in 1910, who defined it as, "sum total of operators, mainly of an economic nature, which directly relate to the entry, stay and movement of foreigners inside and outside a certain country, city or a region."

    Hunziker and Krapf, in 1941, defined tourism as "the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and stay of non-residents, in so far as they do not lead to permanent residence and are not connected with any earning activity."[2]

    In 1976 Tourism Society of England defined it as "Tourism is the temporary, short-term movement of people to destination outside the places where they normally live and work and their activities during the stay at each destination. It includes movements for all purposes."

    In 1981 International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism defined Tourism in terms of particular activities selected by choice and undertaken outside the home environment.

    United Nations Definition


    United Nations classified 3 forms of tourism in 1994 in its Recommendations on Tourism Statistics as follows:

    1. Domestic tourism, involving residents of the given country traveling only within this country;

    2. Inbound tourism, involving non-residents traveling in the given country;

    3. Outbound tourism, involving residents traveling in another country.

    UN also derived different categories of tourism by combining the 3 basic forms of tourism:

    1. Internal tourism, which comprises domestic tourism and inbound tourism;

    2. National tourism, which comprises domestic tourism and outbound tourism;

    3. International tourism, which consists of inbound tourism and outbound tourism.

    Prerequisites of tourism


    Before people are able to experience tourism they usually need at least:

    1. disposable income, i.e. money to spend on non-essentials

    2. leisure time

    3. tourism infrastructure, such as transport and accommodation

    Individually, sufficient health is also a condition, and of course the inclination to travel. Furthermore, in some countries there are legal restrictions on travelling, especially abroad. Certain states with strong governmental control over the lives of citizens (notably established Communist states) may restrict foreign travel only to trustworthy citizens. The United States prohibits its citizens from traveling to some countries, for example, Cuba.

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  • Nancy
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    Corregidor? Oh my Gosh Fizz that is not even a pinch of what the Philippines has to offer. You are right on a lot of things but not on the sights. The Philippines would be more attractive if it were easy to travel from one place to another especially to tourist spots. Yah, the airport sucks. Think of it as a mountain. It's always worth the climb once you reach the peak. Some fantastic places to go to are the Banaue Rice Terraces, Sagada (one of the best caves based on lonely planet!), Palawan (from there you can go to Tubataha Reef, one of the best places to dive) and tons more! A lot of tourists go to the Philippines for diving. Yes, people would spend a lot (airfare) to dive in the Philippines because it is too beautiful to miss. People should go around the Philippines first before criticizing. Please don't expect much things to see in Metro Manila, seriously. Or places near it like Corregidor and Tagaytay. You really have to take a long ride from Manila to see the untouched wonders it has to offer. One of the biggest reasons why tourists don't go the Philippines is because of the high crime rate. I doubt if this will change soon but never the less, still beautiful!

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