Where are the best websites for viewing various hairstyles for men?

There must be some kind of website on internet which shows various and extensive hairstyles and haircuts for males. I've been keeping my hair short for the past 25 years. Sometimes when I go for a haircut, I have problems describing the style of haircut I prefer. If there is some kind of website which shows various haircut styles images for men, maybe if I find an decent image I can make copy using my printer, then I can take it to my local hairstylist so I can get that look I've been searching for.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try a yahoo search and type in celebrity hair styles. I always find cute ones for girls on there, so there must be some for guys.

    Try thinking of some magazines, or some hair places like Cosmo or Fantastic Sams. Everyone has a website these days so if you put a search on any of those your sure to find something you like.

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