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Walt Whitman wrote that Mexico must be soundly punished.?

What did Mexico do to pursuade Whitman to demand that Mexico be "crushed?"

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    Could it be because Mexico was seen as an enemy by the USA back then?

    The USA was expanding its territory, and they wanted Mexican territory too. It was said that it was God's will for the USA to expand from the east coast to the west coast. The USA was hungry for more territory. Mexico knew that. Actually, among Mexicans, the USA had a nickname which pointed out its hunger for territory (I don't remember it though).

    Mexico feared an attack by Native Americans in its northern territory, which was very low populated. That's why they allowed American citizens to settle in Texas, to take care of the International Border. Americans brought in their slaves, which Mexico clearly prohibited. They were told to leave their slaves, but they didn't do it, and continue to settle in Texas. Finally, Texas was more influenced by the American culture than by the Mexican one (Texas was closer to the USA than it was to the center of Mexico, which had the highest population).

    When Texas got its independence from Mexico, the USA did not want to add it to the territory that fast, because they didn't want to have problems with Mexico. Some years passed by, and finally Texas was added to the USA territory, and the disputes over the International Border began.

    Mainly, the Mexican War was due to President Polk. Many Americans didn't agree about invading Mexico. And, ironically, some Mexicans wanted Polk to come over because they didn't like the Mexican government (most of the 19th century, Mexico was polarized between two political parties: liberals and conservatives. These two groups led to several civil wars in Mexico).

    It wasn't a good time for the nation. Mexico was just trying to grow and was struggling to make a democratic nation, and poverty was usual. The dictatorship of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna just made the things worse for the people. Money was divided among the wealth classes, the clergy, and the military. And yet, there wasn't enough money to invest in a war. Mexico fell, mostly, because of the selfishness of its president and the clergy, who was not willing to sell its properties for investment.

    I'm against any war. Things just don't come out well from wars.

    Sorry if I talked too much. I just love history!

    Paraphrazing President Benito Juarez, "Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace".

    God bless you!

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    You have to understand something about history here. At the time Mexico became independent from Spain, Texas was considered part of Mexico. Soon after wards, the Texans fought for independence from Mexico. They won but the Mexicans wanted to conquer Texas back. This eventually lead to the Mexican-American war.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman were explaining why we had to conquer Mexico -- because they were backward, ignorant Mexicans who could never do anything good. And we could liberate them and free them and so on. Yes, they were racists then, but at the time it was considered patriotic.

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    I don't know, but I think Mexico has suffered enough!!!!!

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