compare and contrast nursing home and assisted living?

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    A nursing home is more similar to a hospital than a real home and services are provided similarly to in a hospital. With assisted living an individual has much more independence, and with assistance from a helper, special transportation, etc. continues to live at home or in an apartment.

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    nursing homes are staffed with state registered nurses aids and assisted living is not usually.

    nursing homes are better equipped to handle illnesses as they arise

    they handle dementia and other illnesses where as assisted living usually will not.

    Nursing homes may have a physical therapy department where as assisted living may not.

    Generally assisted living is more private for the client.

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    nursing home is where you acually go move into a little room in a building where it smells like old people and medicine. nurses work there all day (and night) to take care of you and bathe you and stuff. assisted living is when you live in your own house and nurses come in every day or so to make your meals and do your makeup and stuff.

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    There are different levels determined by the level of care needed.

    Some states use this level method. Level IV (four) - medication management, help with cooking, laundry, meal preparation, light assistance with daily living skills. Level III (three) - all the above plus nursing oversite and medical care. Level II (two) all the above plus hospital care. Level I (one) all the above plus trauma care.

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