Was Pearl harbor a victory for the United States ?

It seems to me what the attack was ment to do fell so far short of what it actually did that we were incredibly lucky that that the attack was a huge failure for the Japanese , and it made us wake up and join the countries in Europe that were screwed until we joined in . Yes we lost many brave men and women but it could have been so much worse .

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    Yes the destruction of the pearl harbor during ww2 was the victory for united states and it's allies during the second world war because it made united states to get up and fight back and help those allied nation in trouble, but some other people recognize that the attack in pearl harbor was a lose because united states didn't preapare for the surprise attack, true all of this are true but losing in the first place making you recognized how to lose and stand up like a person, the attack on pearl harbor was a great lose of life for american navy but this lose is just the begining for u.s they now feel how the war really mean to everyone during ww2 all the lose of american navy during ww2 was paid for Blood, and winning the war had become a matter of time and of lives!

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    Pearl Harbor was certainly not a victory in any sense for the US. It represented bad intelligence and lack of imagination on the part of the US authorities, much like 911. Particularly considering that the army air force already established the feasiblity of a pearl harbour air attack. Military is always prepared for the last war.

    It did however silence the antiwar movement and ensure the US would not consider anything short of unconditional surrender from the Japanese and contributed to the decision to nuke the Japanese.

    The US can be extremely vengeful.

    Thus though Pearl Harbor would not be considered a victory for the US it certainly could not be considered a strategic victory for the Japanese. Some of the American bred Japanese realized this prior to the attack. But of course many also realized the likely disaster of Iraq before the invasion. Sometimes you really can't turn the ship around till the passengers get the message.

    They would have been better served not "waking" the US.

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    Yes and NO. First, it was a devastating blow to the military, both Army and Navy. Had the carriers been there, the Japanese could have sailed into the harbor and no one could have done a thing about it.

    It galvanized America in a way, 911 did for a short time. It put the might of the industrial section of this country on overdrive, produced, fixed, repaired, and carried the war to the Japanese all across the pacific.

    It was a win and lose situation when you look at it like this.

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    It was a victory only because our carriers were out to sea. Knowing what we know today, Pearl Harbor was a wake up call, for the US to join the fray. This was one hell of a way to start, with half the Pacific fleet under water and so many fine soldiers, sailors and Marine's killed. Eventually we caught up and surpassed our original numbers, in terms of ships ready for combat. The rest is history!

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    The European countries weren't screwed until you idiots came in-in fact you were screwed when you first came in because the British had to come and save your *** loads of times and not too mention Britain stopped Hitler from taking over the world(go and get a history lesson twit)Britain and all of her allies already had the war won before you came in.

    No Pearl Harbor wasn't a victory for America.

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    It was only a victory if you watched the Hollywood movie.

    The USA took a beating at Pearl Harbor and it was only due to poor marksmanship on the part of the Japanese that the death toll and lose of shipping wasn't higher.

    Was the twin towers also "lucky" as it made the USA wake up to the threat of global terrorism ?

    I would really hate to see what you consider a disaster !!!

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    I wouldn't call Pearl Harbor a 'victory,' no. We lost over 2,000 men and killed very few of the enemy. You are correct that it could have been much worse, but that doesn't mean we won. It just means it could have been a lot worse if the carriers had been at the base.

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    Anything could be worse but to say that it was a huge failure for the Japanese is completely inaccurate. How many ships and how many people would they have needed to kill for you to consider it successful? It was very successful, so successful it brought us into a war that we had, for years, stayed out of.

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    What are you speaking approximately? huge failure for eastern? They worn out quite a few of our ships and killed hundreds of servicemen. They attacked with out warning or having even formally declared conflict. We shot down merely approximately none of their planes. It became right into a devastating loss for the U.S. It did, despite the fact that reason us to certainly need to kick some booty huge time and further us into WWII. we don't talk German or eastern so which you be attentive to something of the story.

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    Directly it was a total disaster that cost thousands of lives.

    Indirectly, it was a blessing in disguise that lead to total victory over the axis.

    Pearl Harbor was a major wake up call, and I agree with your assesment.

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