Was Pearl harbor a victory for the United States ?

It seems to me what the attack was ment to do fell so far short of what it actually did that we were incredibly lucky that that the attack was a huge failure for the Japanese , and it made us wake up and join the countries in Europe that were screwed until we joined in

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    Yes the destruction of the pearl harbor during ww2 was the victory for united states and it's allies during the second world war because it made united states to get up and fight back and help those allied nation in trouble, but some other people recognize that the attack in pearl harbor was a lose because united states didn't preapare for the surprise attack, true all of this are true but losing in the first place making you recognized how to lose and stand up like a person, the attack on pearl harbor was a great lose of life for american navy but this lose is just the begining for u.s they now feel how the war really mean to everyone during ww2 all the lose of american navy during ww2 was paid for Blood, and winning the war had become a matter of time and of lives!

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    Pearl Harbor grew to become into in no way a victory in any experience for the U. S.. It represented undesirable intelligence and absence of mind's eye on the area of the U. S. government, very corresponding to 911. particularly pondering the indisputable fact that the army air stress already ordinary the feasiblity of a pearl harbour air attack. protection stress is often arranged for the final war. It did even with the indisputable fact that silence the antiwar circulation and ensure the U. S. would not evaluate something wanting unconditional resign from the eastern and contributed to the determination to nuke the eastern. the U. S. could nicely be fairly vengeful. subsequently although Pearl Harbor would not be considered a victory for the U. S. it particularly ought to no longer be considered a strategic victory for the eastern. a number of the american bred eastern found out this beforehand of the attack. yet of direction many additionally found out the in all threat disaster of Iraq in the previous the invasion. each so often you particularly won't be able to turn the deliver around until the passengers get the message. they could have been extra helpful served no longer "waking" the U. S..

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    What are you talking about? Huge failure for Japanese? They wiped out several of our ships and killed hundreds of servicemen. They attacked without warning or having even officially declared war. We shot down virtually none of their planes. It was a devastating loss for the U.S. It did, however cause us to really want to kick some booty big time and brought us into WWII. We don't speak German or Japanese so you know the rest of the story.

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    We were defeated at Pearl Harbor. Our planes were caught on the ground and were demolished. We suffered heavy losses to our ships. The Arizona was sunk with a full crew on board. How is that a victory for the US?

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