How do I start/ get into the car hauling business?

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I would like to start my own car hauling business and I'd like to do it with my one ton truck. What do I need? How much money is in this business? Any help/ resources would be more
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You will need a good trailer, chains, straps and insurance. You most likely will need a 3 or 4 car trailer to make it worthwhile. Be aware of health card, and CDL requirements, depending on the weight of your rig! You also have to keep logs, and are limited in the number of hours you can drive!

You can either contract with local dealers to transport cars to and from auctions, and if it is a large dealer group, between dealership locations, or you can book your loads through a company.

Most car transporters use Central Dispatch to find loads.

If you are going to do long distance hauling, allow for the cost of lodging. If you have a sleeper in your truck, you can sleep and shower at truck stops, to save a bit, but after a couple of days in a 1 ton truck, you are going to want to sleep in a real bed!


27 years in the auto business
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  • Pops answered 8 years ago
    I would ask a person that is already involved in this occupation and also check with DOT to see what is required, law wise. I have a friend involved in "Hot Shot Loads" and he has to get all kinds of paperwork approved in order to pull hot shot loads.
    Good luck. Pops


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  • Tony answered 8 years ago
    find someone that sells trailers (car haulers) and/or has a fleet and experience in it. Yes they make good money cause i've financed a couple owner/operators.
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