I cant solve my math homework, because I suck at math i need to find a free math solver software.?

I have herd of math solvers that show the work if any body knows where i can find one free

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You sound like my nephew. He is 13 and just this year I've started home schooling him. I couldn't believe it when I learned that he failed math every year since he was in 2nd grade. What a system we have.?! There is nothing wrong with you just as there is nothing wrong with my nephew. It really comes down to the basics and once you master them then you can do just about anything. No matter how old you are it is never too late. It is not your fault that you are having trouble as long as you are trying. It's easy to give up when you feel stupid or like you just can't solve the problems. I wish I could help you but we are probably too far away to make it work. Please swallow your pride even though it is nothing to be ashamed of. They failed you. You have not failed yourself.... And seek a tutor or go back to the beginning on your own. I started my nephew on the math work of a preschooler. He felt silly at first but I made it fun. He is thanking me now because he is doing Algebra with ease and we've only been working a short while. Don't worry what others think of you now. Worry about the future when your kids need a little help with their math homework. You'll want to be able to help them ... won't you? Sorry if I've rambled. If you cheat your way now you'll be cheating yourself for the future. I also have taught and tutored illiterate adults. Every one of them said they wished they'd learned to read earlier in their lives but felt too ashamed to ask for help. Don't be like them. You've got it in you to get it right! I have faith in you!!! Have a wonderful day!

  • 1 decade ago

    go to www.purplemath.com. it is NOT a free download, but it is a great site to learn math, and let's face it, you have to learn it!!!!!!!!! you cannot test out to get your diploma without the math, and you cannot finish college without the math, may as well learn it now as later. hey look......I am 45 years old, and have never seen any of the math today (polynomials, quadratic functions lol) until I started back to school.......and I tutor on yahoo answers at least 4 times a week, if I can do learn this math YOU CAN LEARN THIS MATH, hey....I will help you!!! just post on here, but go to purple math first, you may not need me!!!!!!!!! I know you can do this!!!!

  • Helmut
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    1 decade ago

    Actually, you have it backwards. You suck at math because you won't solve your math homework. It's probably too late for this quarter, so I would recommend that you drop the course (if you can) and restart next quarter. Consider selling off your video games and CD's so you can concentrate on learning.

  • Rex
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    1 decade ago

    The best one that I know of is called your brain. This will also assist in future homework, cause if you don't learn it now, you'll never understand later.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    read the book, pay attention in class, and quit looking for the easy way out.

    You need to learn it, not have some program do it for you.

    If you don't learn to learn, life is going to be tough.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would bite bullet and go talk to my instructor, maybe they can set you up with some help

    Source(s): son of a teacher
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