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Why does SSD pay people who can still work? And people like myself have to fight for rights?

I know a man who just won his SSd case and in fact raises 24 bulldogs for a living? He's able to clean kennels and feed & water that many dogs daily, but can't work? Please!

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    It isn't that simple, I got SSD and didn't expect it. Income had decreased and no longer able to work at the lower level. They explained to me that if you are not able to work at the level you are trained SSI doesn't expect you to work at lower level. Now if you choose to get a low paying job, it will not affect your benefits, if on SSI but SSD you are limited to 500 dollars and that mayhave changed.

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    People know how to manipulate most governing agencies. I have a friend with MS who is fighting for over a year now to get SSDI, and she's already 60 and can barely walk. Surely there is a bureau for fraud, so perhaps you can report the guy with the kennel, and he'll be caught. Blowing the whistle is the only way for cheats to get stopped.

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    When you apply for SSI or SSD, you are automatically denied. They have hopes that you will give up before getting your benefits.

    That said, you have no idea what this man's claims are or how long he fought to get his benefits. Its frustrating, I know. But everyones disability is different.

    Source(s): Hubby cannot stand too long, sit too long, or lay down too long because of sciatic injury. He was denied and told he would be before the application was even processed.
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    What do you mean, he raises bulldogs "for a living," but doesn't "work"?

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