What's the difference between a manager and a leader?

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    a manager manages, a leader leads.

    Several points made above follow. The manager holds a post in a hierarchy, as such he is often named from above, sometimes he can be elected (cooperatives, association) (in which case he will often have to be a leader in order to get elected) or picked by random (greek democracy). THe manager tends to reproduce the structure, he implements goals set for him, he manages the ressources he has in order to get those goals. For the managers, the managed ones are ressources, he is by "law" above them.

    The leader is most of all an entrepreneur, he leads change, he help set new goals, he is often "chosen", often after some bitter fighting. The leader finds new resources, new projects, the leader is also often more "empowering". He leads a mob, trusts other leaders, whereas the manager manages a structure with set roles, relies on other managers. The leader is "primus inter paeres" the leading one, first on the path, among the fellow ones.

    The main difference I think is about the relation to change and initiative. The manager follows a leader or technocratic objectives (as lower costs etc.), he concentrates on optimising means to end, the leader is heading for changes and helps to define goals, he helps define the ends for the group he leads.

    I m not at all convinced that managers or leaders are born or trained. Genes and early years learning are necessary for being a leader and or a manager and late learning can help being a better leader or manager.

    Source(s): read schumpeter on the difference between manager and entrepreneur and hannah arendt (human condition) on the difference between leading and governing.
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    Manager is a job title, and usually has defined functions. Leaders evolve. A person can be a manager, but not a leader, a leader dosent have to be a manager. In other words, leaders are born, managers are trained.

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    1 decade ago

    A manager who is a leader as well is best.

    But a manager is one who over see the operations, day to day and manages the people that work under him

    A leader is one who gives ideas for doing a better job or someone who comes up with better decisions and really makes a difference to the company's growth and success.

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    Manager is almost strictly a business term for someone one who handles or controls things. When you manage people they are a resource that can be used up.

    A leader, like mentioned above, are people who are picked out by their fellows. Leaders tend to stand out for others.

    Managers can make good leaders and leaders can make good managers but this is uncommon.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Manager is a person who the one hold the Company..

    And Leader is a person who the one control the company but its not the leader company..

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    A manager usually gives orders. A leader usually leads by example and influences people.

  • NC
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    1 decade ago

    A manager is appointed from above (i.e., by superiors). A leader is chosen from below (i.e., by rank-and-file people). Quite a few leaders out there are union activists rather than managers...

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