what is the best wholesale shopping malls in bangkok-thailand?

wholesale shopping malls

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    Thailand can be a shoppers paradise. Prices of handicrafts, textiles, gems, jewellery, art and antiques sometimes rival those in Hong Kong and Singapore. There are a few well-known department stores like Central Department Store, Sogo, Robinsons and Yaohan, although many visitors find that electronic products, brand name clothes and handbags are cheaper in other parts of Asia.

    Prices are usually fixed in department stores; elsewhere bartering is the norm and you can obtain a final figure up to thirty percent lower than the original price depending on your bargaining skills and the shopkeeper's mood.

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    The famous entertainment district of Patpong, is a lively night market where youre sandwiched between girlie bar show touts and fake watch vendors. Apart from pirated goodies like brand name shirts, shoes, handbags, VCD and DVDs, there are plenty of bars to choose from as well. The shop vendors can get quite aggressive and pushy so always bargain with a smile. An interesting night spot and shouldnt be missed.

    The best place to shop is at the Chatuchak Weekend Wholesale Market. This is a shoppers dream come true where everything from cheap souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts to antique reproductions and even exotic animals can be found here. The maze of narrow alley ways is not for the claustrophobic as a minimum of space is reserved for walkways and wallets and purses should be closely guarded. A good sense of navigation would also help as its not easy to look for a shop again if youve given up on a purchase. Bring cash only and be prepared to literally shop till you drop. Open from 9am-6pm and easily accessible by Sky Train exit at Mo Chit Station.

    Other wholesale markets include the garment market in Pratunam and Sum Pang in Chinatown. You can find all sorts of T-shirts, clothes and accessories at very affordable price but dont expect to find any high fashionable items here.

    Opened in 2003, the Suan Lum Night Bazaar on wireless road is Bangkoks latest addition to the night market scene. The choices here are endless and although prices are slightly higher the experience is much more comfortable than the weekend Chatuchak market. Most stalls are opened from 6pm and some stay open till 10 pm while al fresco cafes are around till past 11 pm.

    Khao San Road offers everything to suit all budgets from internet cafes, stalls selling second hand goods, jewellery and tie-dye to cosy boutiques and travel agencies offering competitively priced air-tickets. Restaurants spill out onto the streets creating a very laid back atmosphere. Formerly devoted solely to the student/backpacker market, in recent years, this area has changed much of its image to accommodate many different tastes and budgets.

    Another favorite stop is Mah Boon Krong, a local shopping mall with floors upon floors of shops and eateries where you can eat and shop in air condition comfort. For something hip and trendy, Siam Square has many amateur clothing shops that carry their own design. Within walking distance from Siam Square is the Siam Discovery Center here you will find plenty of familiar upscale boutique stores.

    The World Trade Center is a grand shopping complex but its not very exciting. There are quite a few sports, souvenir and factory outlets shops that cater mostly to tourists. Prices are usually fixed but you can still end up with some good bargains if sales are on. Many locals come here for the ice skating ring and video arcade games.

    If youre looking for some upscale shopping head to the Emporium Mall at Sukhumvit or Central Chitlom Department store along Ploenchit Road. or Siam Paragon complex near Siam Square.

    Warning: Some unlicensed shops sell fake brand name electronic goods.

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    You are mixing up the area with the mall. In pratunam or the watergate, is the area, you will be in which does have large order shopping. Platinum mall, is an 8 story mall including the basement of clothing stalls. I have not been to Bangkok since November 2009, what I remember is jeans were maybe going for 250 baht, but, that may not be high quality. Blouses maybe 50-100 baht. I really did not do much shopping last trip So I can doing this by memory. Not all vendors may have the scanner so you can use the debit card. you will need some cash anyway, either at the airport or the bank kiosks you can exchange your money. Beside the platinum mall, try MBK Centre for souvenirs. try Central Lad Prao, near Chatuchak, its at the Lad Prao station of the Subway. they are probaby discounting in the mall and there is a small outdoor market there too. Lots of bargains, it's one of the few places I did go. Good luck

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    The best wholesale markets are:

    Chatuchak (huge outdoors market, BTS station Mo Chit): http://www.jatujakguide.com/main/index_eng.php

    Platinum Fashion Mall (huge indoors mall, Pratunam area, near Pantip Plaza):


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    1. The Platinum Fashionmall

    2. Central Chidlom

    3. MBK Center

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    Depends on what you are looking for. Knick knacks, Chatuchak weekend market, Suan Lum nigt bazaar. Clothes, Pratunam. Art & crafts, Chatuchak Plaza. Fruits, Provinces produce wholesale market.

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    it's not a mall, but an open market. for clothes, go to Bo Bai. it's kind of strange in that it doesn't open up until midnight or 1am, but it is by far the best/cheapest wholesale market for clothes!

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    Sampeng Market goes the best for bulk shopping in bangkok.Each and every product is available there.Awesome shopping collections are available there.

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    Source(s): Wholesale Directory http://wholesaledirectories.latis.info/?2jsm
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    Add to what peanutz said - try Chinatown.

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