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asking 詢問

so 如此、這般

stop 停止、結東

questions 問題

! many 無數的、很多的


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    Can I asking you a question?--->can是助動詞.後面不可接Ving.

    --->這句文法上應改為 Can I ask you a question?


    "I was asking my sister to clean the bedroom when the doorbell rang." (電鈴響時我正要求我妹妹清理房間)

    "I was asking the teacher a question when you came." (你來的時候我正在問老師一個問題)

    This puppy is so cute. -->是上面大大造的句子.OK的

    Please stop the car. -->這裡的stop是攔下的意思.

    若要作"停止"的解釋,可造這句 "I stop watching TV." (我停止看電視)

    This question is too bad to answer.--->最好改成This question is too hard to answer. (這問題太難了以至於無法回答)

    They're have many banans.--->這裡有兩個動詞呢.應改為 "They have many bananas."

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