I need an organizational chart for Motorola?

Either in chart form, or a breakdown of the structure.

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  • csanda
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    1 decade ago
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    Go to the annual report at:


    Page 9 starts with the corporate structure, continuing on through page 12, and then continuing on page 23.

    Board of directors:


    Management bios:


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  • julitz
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    3 years ago

    Motorola Organizational Structure

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  • Sarah
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    4 years ago

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    The following might be helpful to you: MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Edward J. Zander Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola, Inc. H. Laurance Fuller Retired; formerly Co-Chairman, BP Amoco, p.l.c. Judy C. Lewent Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and President, Human Health Asia, Merck & Co., Inc. Dr. Walter E. Massey President, Morehouse College Thomas J. Meredith General Partner and Co-Founder of Meritage Capital, L.P.; Former Chief Financial Officer of Dell, Inc. Nicholas Negroponte Founding chairman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory Indra K. Nooyi President and Chief Financial Officer, PepsiCo, Inc. Samuel C. Scott, III Lead Director; Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corn Products International Ron Sommer Former Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Telekom James R. Stengel Global Marketing Officer, Proctor & Gamble Douglas A. Warner, III Former Chairman of the Board, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Dr. John A. White Chancellor, University of Arkansas DIVISION EXECUTIVES: EDWARD J. ZANDER Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Motorola, Inc. GREGORY Q. BROWN Executive Vice President, President, Networks & Enterprise Motorola, Inc. PATRICK J. CANAVAN Senior Vice President, Global Governance Motorola, Inc. DAVID W. DEVONSHIRE Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Motorola, Inc. RUTH A. FATTORI Executive Vice President, Human Resources Motorola, Inc. RON G. GARRIQUES Executive Vice President, President, Mobile Devices Business Motorola, Inc. A. PETER LAWSON Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Motorola, Inc. DANIEL M. MOLONEY Executive Vice President, President Connected Home Solutions Motorola, Inc. PATRICIA B. MORRISON Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer Motorola, Inc. RICHARD N. NOTTENBURG Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer Motorola, Inc. STU REED Executive Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain Motorola, Inc. PADMASREE WARRIOR Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Motorola, Inc.

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