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What has a hunter seen when he or she calls tally-ho?

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    The phrase tally-ho is used in foxhunting, shouted when a rider sees the fox.

    The phrase was first brought to Britain by William the Conqueror, an avid stag hunter, after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The old Norman phrase was "Ty a Hillaut," and was shouted when a deer had been found. It became the phrase "Tally-ho" in England, and is still shouted in fox hunts today. One book contained a theory that "Tally ho" came from the Palestinian Arabic for "Come here!" (Tāl hum or similar) brought back by returning Crusaders.

    Two hundred years ago, according to a magazine of that date, the English fox-hunter's cry was " Tallio, Hoix, Hark, Forward,"

    which is a corruption of the French hunter's call. Four hundred years ago the French hunter encouraged his dogs with the musical cry of "Thia-hilaud a qui forheur!" sometimes printed "Tya-hillaut a qui forheur!" From this the English manufactured "Tallio, hoix, hark, forward." Later it has been abbreviated to simply "Tally-ho."

    Apart from foxhunting, this expression was used during the Second World War by English-speaking fighter pilots to say that an enemy aircraft has been sighted. This phrase has since been used by civilian pilots in response to traffic advisories provided by air traffic controllers. The pilot's response "Tally" or "Tally-ho" tells air traffic controllers that the pilot has seen the air traffic in question.♥

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    A fox.

    Fox hunting is or was very popular in Great Britain and that is where tally-ho originated.

    They would chase the fox using hounds to sniff then out.

    This reminds me of the movie The List of Adrian Messenger which was made in 1963 and had a fox hunt in it.

    It was a very good movie with a lot of big stars in it.

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    this must happen in the UK because I dont see any men in the US yelling "tally-ho"!

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    It means the hunt is on,,, usually a fox.

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    A fox.

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