How do we criticize a top Jew or ***** without being called "anti-semetic or racist"?

The honest response to criticism should be something like "you're misinformed", or "you're misinterpreting the facts", but not name-calling. The scary thing is that the public seems to buy these bullcrap responses and our media and politicians pander to them.

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    If a person of Jewish or African-American background makes it to the top, they will have to take the criticism that comes with the position.

    The first one is always the big deal, afterwards, not so much. Today its no big deal about women in Congress - at one time they couldn't even vote, much less get elected to Congress. People can get used to almost anything.



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    depends on what you are saying they are wrong about.

    Wrong about their beliefs or they way they do something the way they were taught. Sorry they are not wrong and that is anti-semetic or racist. If they say 1+1 is 3 than they are wrong in your eyes no matter where they came from.

    The answer is not they are misinformed .. it could be I took the same information and came to this outcome can you show me how you came to your way of thinking with the same facts. It may not be "them" that need to learn it may be "us"

    you find out 1+1 is 3 .. one pair of shoes and one hat is 3 pieces of clothing

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    I have sometimes been called names that do not fit me but it sounds like you have put on a question that will either bait us or have us call you a name like racist. I want to give you a piece of advise that came from my father, "It is not what you say that counts but how you say it." and what does top before Jew mean and FYI it is not ***** but blacks. Lets call people by what name they like

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    for a similar reason you cant call black people the "N" observe. that's taboo. you're able to desire to bear in innovations, the Holocaust grew to become into present day in historic past, and the close to finished annihilation of a people tend to pass away a taboo stigma on criticism against them. comparable with blacks. that they had a combat for civil rights which made using the N observe taboo. in my opinion i don't care. in case you experience such as you're able to desire to precise your self in this kind of way, accomplish that. that's our God given good!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stop calling us a Jew or a *****.

  • first of all stop worrying about what others will say, If you are a true American, political correctness is only for the weak punks who don't have enough guts to say what they think , after all why do we have the first Amendment to our constitution ????

    and I can guarantee you will be called raciest or anti Semitic if you say any thing about any Jew or black unless you are praising them as they feel they are truly worthy of constant praise,

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    you can criticize if you disagree with someones behavior or stance on something...the fact that they are a of a particular race, ethnicity, or faith is irrelevant

  • 1 decade ago

    Yah screw em say it anyway. THey only cry racism and anti semitism because people let them get away with it.

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