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How can I patent and invention,so am sure that it's safely protected?

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    I wouldn't advise trying to write a patent application yourself. A patent that isn't written well isn't going to be worth anything. The specification and claims in the non-provisional application are critical. A badly written patent may not cover any products, may be too easy to design around, or may be too easy to invalidate.

    The best thing you can do is get the advice of a qualified patent professional. He or she will help you learn whether your idea or invention is novel (new), whether it will be worthwhile to patent, and about how much it will cost to draft, file, and prosecute (expect to pay at least $5,000-$10,000 in United States to obtain a patent that will have any value).

    If you can't afford to hire a patent attorney or agent, then for only $100 you can file a complete description of the invention as a provisional application for patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Your description must explain exactly and completely how to make, perform, enable, and practice your invention. Then you will have a year before you have to file a nonprovisional patent (which should be prepared only by a patent professional). In the meantime you can call your invention "patent pending" and you can show your idea to companies who might want to buy it. See the link below to obtain the forms and complete instructions for filing a provisional patent application.

    If you do find a major company who wants to buy your invention, then aside from paying you for it they will probably be happy to prepare, file, and prosecute the nonprovisional patent application (which saves you the cost of doing it) in return for your assigning the patent rights to them.

    And if it turns out that you are unable to interest anyone in buying your invention, and you don't want to try to make and market it yourself, then you will be out only $100 instead of having paid several thousand dollars to obtain a patent that you can't market.

    Source(s): I am a patent attorney.
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    If you have a VIABLE invention then it is a good idea to protect it.

    Do you know about the Provisional Application for Patent? It only costs $65 and was designed by Congress to give individual inventors a chance at bringing their inventive ideas to market easily. It is SUPER EASY to do..

    If a provisional application for patent looks like the right thing for you to do then take a look at a website that shows EXACTLY how to file one using a video format. Either Google or YouTube Provisional Patent Video or PM me and I will give you links to consider. I notice you do not have your email turned on in Yahoo or I would have sent it to you..

    I do not want to put links in here because lawyers delete my posts when I do.. go figure! They do not want you to know how easy this is! You can email me at too if you want as well!

    There are LOTS of ways to move forward with your invention. I would caution you away from paying ANYONE ANYTHING until you COMPLETELY understand what and when they will give you what you want.

    DO NOT pay anyone $5,000 to start your invention... Not even invention companies until you COMPLETELY understand exactly what they will do for you. I have talked to way too many folks who have spent from $1800 to $5000 to get nothing.

    Not to worry.. there are ways to get what you want ant YOU can do it yourself, for the most part, and it is fairly easy to do everything. Just know the USPTO is a branch of the Federal Government and the Federal government wants YOU to be a millionaire so you can pay taxes. Therefore, the Federal Government, via the USPTO, makes it EASY to file a Provisional Application for Patent. Extremely easy.

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    The best thing to do is hire a Patent Attorney to handle it for you. If you don't know what you are doing and try to do everything yourself, you could make mistakes - you don't want that! If you do it wrong, someone else could steal your idea. And as someone mentioned, you have to run a search to make sure it is original - the attorney will have experience with that - most people do not. An attorney is worth the cost for something like this.

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    I grew up in a family of patent lawyers, definately consult one. Make sure they do a good patent search before you spend a lot of $ having them file for you.

    Keep this in mind as well. Patents are pretty much useless unless you have enough money to enforce them through litigation.

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    do it yourself, that's the only sure way. patent it a few different ways so other copy cat can't change it and claim it's their. hire a patent attorney if your product gonna make money. put in extra money do some patent searching incase someone already got it.

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