when was the first Ohio state Michigan football game where and what year?????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Ohio State University/University of Michigan rivalry in football began with their first game in 1897. UM won that game 34 to 0 and dominated the series until 1919. That year the tables were turned and the Buckeyes won 13 to 3.

    The Ohio State/Michigan game has always been important, but it was not always the last game of the season. This practice began in 1935 and, except for one year, the tradition has continued. Often the game has determined who is the winner of the Big Ten and who will represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. An ESPN poll rated the rivalry as the greatest of all time.

    “Ohio State/Michigan Week” has grown beyond the football game to include the annual blood battle, which benefits the Red Cross, food collection for food banks, and spirit events such as banner contests. OSU and UM have turned the rivalry into an event that helps people across school lines.

    Great website ive been there alot Michiagan has dominated that rivalry. But im Not so sure they will keep it up this year.

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