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Is United Statesian a new word?

I'm 26 years old and had never heard of United Statesian until I joined Yahoo Answers a couple of months ago. Is this a new word? I hope not cause it's kinda wierd. I thought the proper wording was "American". I'm curious for anyone's thoughts on this so-called word.

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    United Statesian is an English translation for a term people in Latin America like to use when referring to Americans. They made it up. At some point, they got the bright idea that Americans shouldn't be calling themselves Americans because the continent is called America.

    They think that we use the term America exclusively, leaving them out. For some (stupid) reason, they think we don't know that the continent is called America. In their minds, they are Americans, too, so they took it upon themselves to rename us.

    I had this explained to me over and over by Mexicans when I was travelling there and they asked me where I was from. They also like to call us North Americans.

    They get real irritated when you point out to them that Mexico is also called United States of Mexico, and is located in North America, so they are United Statesians and North Americans, by their own wording. Then they get this dumb look on their face when you show them a map and tell them that the continent called America and the nation called America are two different things.

    Source(s): Too many arguments with "educated" Latinos.
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    No it isn't. There is this convoluted non-logic that those who think they should be able to come to the US have which goes like this.

    "America" is what the United States of America is called.

    There are other countries in the "American Continents" (a variation with even less logic tries to distinguish those in North America from the rest of the "Americas")

    Since those countries are also on continents that have the word 'America' in their name, they too are Americans and have a right to the rights of American (US) citizens.

    Did you catch that?

    A flip side is that since there are other countries in the North and South American continents, we are somehow being overbearing in calling ourselves 'Americans' as if we were the only ones, and should be calling ourselves 'United Statesians'.

    (This overlooks the fact that the United States of Mexico is also equally 'United Statesian' then, but calls itself 'Mexico'.)

    You need only be concerned with this term if you buy into the logic, above.

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    NO we are NOT 'United Statesian' any more than a Mexican is a "Mexicoian". It's a stupid name some of the ignorant from south of the border want to call us. They think they are "American" because they are in North America. They fail to understand we get the title of AMERICAN due to our country's NAME "United States "OF" AMERICA". We are known WORLDWIDE as AMERICANS. THEY are known as Mexicans from Mexico, Ecuadorians from Ecuador, Peruvians from Peru, Hondurans from Honduras, Costa Ricans from Costa Rica. They seem to have this childish idea that if they are 'from' North America they can be called 'AMERICAN' and be an 'AMERICAN' of the USA without becoming a citizen legally. Pure lack of education.

    If all "Americans" from N. Am, Central Am and S. America think they can become AMERICANS of The U.S. OF America, then we should be able to claim to be AMERICANS of Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, etc. It goes both ways. However, THEY are NOT citizens of the USA and many of 'us' are not citizens of those countries. They couldn't pay me enough to go there.

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    American suits better than the other funky word

    Source(s): enough non-sense.
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    I hadn't heard that word until today. I'm with the Scrabble girl-


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    Use the word "American".

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    I think someone using that term was being ignorant. Just like saying Canadians from Canadia.

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    It's not a word, nor should it be a word!

    Word made up, probably by illegals

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    Yes, and there's a lot of new words, new flag and new history and new National Anthem and new language...

    LOL, viva La America!

    Undocumented Mexiecoli-Americans rule.

    The racist Taxpayers need to leave the un-legal aliens alone.

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