What is regression testing?

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Regression testing is when a program works on a previous type of input and when run again it fails and you're wondering why it failed it the input is the same, therefore you work back to to find this bug. We do this a lot in computer programming.

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  • faisal answered 8 years ago
    Testing the already tested module if it has been touched by the developer for addition of new req or modification of particular module.
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  • Flashy V answered 8 years ago
    I assume you know a bit of software engineering.

    Simply put:

    Let's say you have written a code. And are testing it. Generally you would follow a very systematic approach wherein you will list out all the test cases (let us call them A,B,C,etc).

    Let us assume that you are testing the code for the various test cases one by one. Your code passes test cases A and B. Now let us assume it fails in case C.

    You analyse your code and debug the error. Now you make changes in your code that should make sure test case C is also satisfied.

    Now when you restart testing your code after making these changes, you should not start from test case C. You should start from test case A, though you have tested A and B earlier itself.

    The reason is that when you make changes in the code to satisfy test case C, you might have done something that affects cases A and B. So just to make sure that the remaining test cases are still satisfied even after the changes are made, we restart the testing process from the first test case.

    This is called Regression testing.
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  • kritika s answered 8 years ago
    Regression testing is any type of software testing which seeks to uncover regression bugs. Regression bugs occur whenever software functionality that previously worked as desired stops working or no longer works in the same way that was previously planned. Typically regression bugs occur as an unintended consequence of program changes.

    Common methods of regression testing include re-running previously run tests and checking whether previously fixed faults have reemerged.

    Experience has shown that as software is developed, this kind of reemergence of faults is quite common. Sometimes it occurs because a fix gets lost through poor revision control practices (or simple human error in revision control), but just as often a fix for a problem will be "fragile" - i.e. if some other change is made to the program, the fix no longer works. Finally, it has often been the case that when some feature is redesigned, the same mistakes will be made in the redesign that were made in the original implementation of the feature.

    Therefore, in most software development situations it is considered good practice that when a bug is located and fixed, a test that exposes the bug is recorded and regularly retested after subsequent changes to the program. Although this may be done through manual testing procedures using programming techniques, it is often done using automated testing tools. Such a 'test suite' contains software tools that allows the testing environment to execute all the regression test cases automatically; some projects even set up automated systems to automatically re-run all regression tests at specified intervals and report any regressions. Common strategies are to run such a system after every successful compile (for small projects), every night, or once a week.

    Regression testing is an integral part of the extreme programming software development methodology. In this methodology, design documents are replaced by extensive, repeatable, and automated testing of the entire software package at every stage in the software development cycle.
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  • lor lor answered 8 years ago
    regression testing is "the selective retesting of a software system that has been modified to ensure that any bugs have been fixed and that no other previously working functions have failed as a result of the reparations and that newly added features have not created problems with previous versions of the software." there's alot more but i really dont wanna type all of it. u can go to http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/regression_testing.html


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  • Ramasubramanian answered 8 years ago
    Its the thing U need to find why there was a failure in the program
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  • Krishna answered 8 years ago
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    The selective retesting of a software system that has been modified to ensure that any bugs have been fixed and that no other previously working functions have failed as a result of the reparations and that newly added features have not created problems with previous versions of the software. Also referred to as verification testing, regression testing is initiated after a programmer has attempted to fix a recognized problem or has added source code to a program that may have inadvertently introduced errors. It is a quality control measure to ensure that the newly modified code still complies with its specified requirements and that unmodified code has not been affected by the maintenance activity.
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  • chikqie answered 8 years ago
    in what field please... is it in philosophy, psychology or in science in physics? be more specific.. coz this is a broad topic.
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