Where can I find information on different types of internet marketing?

I'm looking for as much information as possible on as vast a range as I can find regarding internet marketing, such as click-through campaigns and Google adwords campaigns. If anyone can direct me to the most detailed and wide-ranging websites, I'd be much obliged.

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    You can download this FREE ebook and learn how to make money.

    Please check this out if you are in internet marketing.

    'The Death of Internet Marketing':


    Have you heard of Google Adsense program?

    It's the easiest program to make money and free to sign up. You can make some legitimate money if you have a blog at Blogger.com of a free website like Google pages which will allow you to publish Google Adsense with no cash investment.

    This is a self explained page:


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    Check out the site below to find out how to reach millions of viewers per day by paying fees starting at 8 cents per day by posting an ad on highly visited websites to promote your business!


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    try going to answers.com to ask that question ..it always helped me!!!

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