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Immigrating to Canada?

Hi there again. I'm interested in sponsoring my spouse as I hope to have them move to Canada. I was at the Citizen and Immigration Canada Web site but I wasn't able to find all the information I need. In order to sponsor your spouse, you need to meet the minimum annual income. Great. I didn't find a page on their Site where it states how much you need to make. I know how much one in Quebec needs to make, but I live in Ontario.

Does anyone know how much you need to make if you live in Ontario and want to sponsor your spouse? My spouse is over 18 with no dependants.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Quebec and the rest of Canada have different immigration policies as Quebec has a certain level of self-autonomy in selecting its immigrants. For immigration to Quebec the role of the Federal Government is restricted to security and health checks.

    To answer your question there is no pre set income level for the rest of Canada when it comes to sponsoring a relative, all applications are processed on a case to case basis. You have to undertake to support your relative ( including spouse or common law spouse) for a period of 3 to 10 years to be determined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This would include the intending immigrant's dependents. At the time of application you will have to submit your personal details, such as income. The CIC will determine if that is sufficient to support your spouse and dependents ( if any ).

    Here is a link which you may already have, you can also contact the CIC by phone or e-mail for further details.

    Good luck

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    Your welcome

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