Should I be ashamed that I'm just 17 and ONLY attracted to older women...?

I was walking around at the mall yesterday and this gorgeous woman (probably in her mid or early 40's) wearing short shorts passed by me... I turned around to check her nice shapley legs out from behind... And when I turned back I noticed this girl give me an ugly look like "EWWWW... You were checkin out THAT?!".. And yeah... I pretty much felt a lil embarrassed :P.. I'm not really attracted to girls my age... unless they have big sexy shapley muscular calves and thighs or don't have that whinney immature attitude. Most (I'm not saying all) girls my age are immature, annoying and like to play games and other lame stupid crap... Older women are mature and know what they want and dont play around and don't pull any bullcr@p.. I don't know any other dudes my age and are just attracted to older women.. Is this wrong/weird that I'm like this..? Should I feel embarrassed..? And does my english suck?? LOL!! Tell me what you think on yahoo messenger (ID: krossed_out)

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    I have the same problem but in reverse, I like younger women and I get some bad looks from other people. Especially when I was dating a 19 year old. And yes I am 41, but I don't care what people think. If you enjoy being with that person do what makes you happy!

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    Never be embarrassed about the people you're attracted to. It's your brain and your body, after all. If you know what you like, enjoy it! I've always been attracted to men in their mid-forties, which was really difficult for me until I turned 30. A lot of people don't understand that youth isn't everything, and maturity and self-confidence are extremely attractive. Even now, I'm 31 and engaged to a 46-year-old man, and a lot of my so-called friends really gave me a hard time about it when they found out. My real friends, however, were happy that I was happy.

    One problem is that depending on where you live, it may be illegal for you to get involved with someone that much older than you are until you turn 18.

    I can tell you that a LOT of 40-something women would feel extremely flattered at getting attention from a man your age. Even at my age, it feels kind of cool when teenage guys check me out. Lets me know I'm still alive and female, you know?

    And by the way, your English does not suck. I'm an English teacher in Russia, so I know what I'm talking about. :)

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    Everybody has its own choice of admiration even the choice of life.No problem with it as long as the older you admire or you are attracted with is not committed...By the way you are only 17, but why r u in yahoo messenger? u should be 18 yrs, . and up. u cant enter chat room.

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    it is common. every physique has their very own alternatives. For me I prefer lady who's slightly older than I and mature in thinking. My chum use to declare, to think of roughly it this way. once you persist with for a job the drawback they seek for is adventure. And this certainly what your searching for a woman "adventure". not something incorrect with that.

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    NO, your not weird. You just happen to know what attracts you.

    This girl who gave you the weird look in the mall..............too bad you don't know what she's attracted to, so you could give her a look too. lol

    We're all human, YES, BUT we all have different tastes in different people. Don't let it bother. Enjoy it!!

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    Normal action when one is in puberty, give it

    time and when u advance to the next stage

    then you will come back to reality.

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    hey,i'm in my mid 30, and i noticed teenager looking sometimes.

    A 18 year old, ask me out at my job, OBVIOUSLY i said NO.

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    Go away

  • each to their own as they say... but not all young ladies are immature and whiney trust me :-)

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    1 decade ago

    get a life.

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