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in my school almost everyone is christian?

some kids are athiest, jewish, or buddist. when i was talking to this girl about religion and i mentioned being jewish she was like thats not right, they should be christian. i go to a public school so this really shouldn't matter. also we had a subsitute teacher who was gay and she was talking about "i believe in a god who loves everyone." after that some kids were talking about her and they said "well you should still read the bible, even if your not christian, anyway i was wondering if you have ever incountered a situation like this, and what you did about it?


im not jewish, sry if i confused you up there.

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    I asked them to respect my beliefs and leave me alone. If that doesn't work for you I suggest that you use you biology textbook to whack them on the head and run away.

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    I had a similar problem when I went into High School. I came from a church that is pretty much different from everyone else. All the new kids I met were predominantly Baptist or Lutheran. This caused some problems since my Church worships on Saturday and our beliefs are so much different than others we never saw eye to eye on religious topics. It was hard at first, but then I remembered. Not everyone is going to believe the same way. They all believe in what they were raised with. Even now at work I work around a lot of Muslims.. what's so odd is they are easier to talk to than most Christians. This is exactly what Christ didn't want to happen. God doesn't want anything pushed on anyone. He wants his love offered not forced. That turns people off. I also remembered that's why they call it faith. I can't prove God exists. I can prove it in my heart but that's it. I grew up in a God fearing home. So the idea of God isn't just a matter of faith to me. Jews are no less bad people than Baptists or Lutherans,

    people get these ideas from their parents and because that's how they are raised to them it's "truth". God does love everyone, Remember this.. GOD loves the sinner, he hates the sin. It doesn't mean he hates the person. Even if a person is "gay" even if that is wrong.. God does still loves them. I am still friends with some of those kids even though we had those religious differences. They respected my point of view and I respected theirs. Remember to stay strong in what you believe. It's okay to have those differences just don't let them sway you just because they think they are right. In a situation where I was the only one who believed what I believed I still stayed true to what I believed. I think that showed them I was true to my faith. I hope I helped and answered your question. I tried not to get preachy.

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    I've experienced the same thing. You're right, it shouldn't be an issue. Just try and be the best person that you can be. What does that mean? It's how you define it. The world is full of jerks and a@@holes from all religions, even Christian. Books of religion like the Bible are not intrinsically good or evil, they are what you make of them. If you are racist, hate gays etc and want the Bible to reinforce your beliefs it will. If what you believe helps you be more compassionate and feel more connected with the world, embrace it. If it doesn't, leave it. No-one has the right to ridicule someone else's religious beliefs.

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    These are what I call "Ignorant Christians". They are ignorant of the way the Lord brings us to Him, i.e. becoming a Christian. No one is a Christian until the Lord calls to their hearts. As for the comments concerning being Jewish, that girl needs to read the bible carefully, in the New Testament it clearly states that the Lord blesses the Jew first and then the Gentile. Thansk to Preachers who are liars and religous fools, Christianity is quickly becomeing a bastardized religion.

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    I tried to avoid situations like that.

    I grew up in a suburb out side of Houston, Texas. In my Elementary School I was the only Jew in my grade (possibly the entire school) In Middle School it got better but I was still one of a handful. I finally got tired of it and with a desire to be in a Jewish enviorment I started to go to a Jewish school for High School.

    I am and was back then every proud of my Jewish heritage but I felt lost in a Public school where the School winter play consisted of songs like silent night.

    I know what your going though. I have been there. All I can tell you is to be strong and be proud of who you are. If you have any questions or need advice please feel free to email me

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    think you've got some things mixed up-

    atheist and bddist are not christian, first of all,


    this girl you were talking to is mixed up too.

    jewism is the beginning of christianity. it is the trunk of a very wide spread tree. Jesus Christ was a Jew. therefore, Jews are christians. they have some different beliefs than other branches of christianity, but they are christians none the less.

    you also said 'it shouldn't matter because you go to a public school'

    well, i admit that being willing to respect other peoples beleifs is good, but you can not stand aside and just pretend that everybody is going to get to heaven in their own way. The reason God made humans is so that they cn worship him, and so that they can spread the gosple. Repent, beleive, follow. he is the light of the world. make him shine!

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    Welcome to the world of hypocrisy.They say they are non-judgemental but only if you are a christian.

    One thing you should learn is to keep religion a personal topic and not for anyone to know .

    There is and always will be prejudice against the minorities and that includes religions .

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    There are no "gay Christians". If they're Christian then they'll desire God's power to quit being gay.

    Anyway only by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus can anyone get into heaven. Jesus said it was a narrow gate.

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    Yes I have and I just had patience. School is a brief interlude in a person's life. I just went to class and minded my own business until I graduated.

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    Kids should be left alone to worship and believe as they please in public schools. They should not be hindered from doing so, intimidated, or bullied. Live and let live.

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