I need a fast civic?

What do I need to get to make my acceleration faster. alot faster. I have a 1996 honda civic hx coupe. and dont say go to ebay. thanx

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    Then keep dreamin'

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    Jennifer you are f*****g retarded!

    Three simple bolts ons are not going to give you any noticeable difference in power or acceleration.

    If you are looking for a way to make your acceleration extremely faster I would suggest doing a few key things.

    1. Swap a B-series engine into your car if you dont have one already.

    2. Buy a supercharger system, but not Jackson Racing. JR superchargers are a roots style supercharger and are cheap and weak. Go with a ProCharger or even a Vortech, they are the centrifugal type supercharger and offer much larger gains. The supercharger is going to give you all that low end acceleration power you are looking for. I actually just purchased a ProCharger kit for my 2000 Civic Si Coupe on Friday night, it was a little pricey, but I cant wait for it to get here!

    3. Get yourself an exhaust system so that supercharger can breathe a little easier. Your going to want to make your exhaust alot more free flowing. I suggest going with a 4 -into- 1 header, a high flow cat (you could use a stock one Honda one too), and then a cat-back exhaust. Check out Apexi, 5Zigen, HKS, Tanabe, Greddy, Skunk2...they all make good exhaust systems. This is the setup I am currently running on my Si Coupe and I am happy with it. (DC Sports 4-1 Headers, high flow cat, and Apexi N1 cat back.)

    4. Last but not least. This is actually probably the most important point I could make. Get your suspension! It is the most important part of the car. (Besides the tires...get some good rubber as well) Its gonna help get all that power down to the wheels and help that acceleration. Go with a quality coil-over kit. Tein makes excellent suspension kits for Hondas.

    Well, there you have it. If you have the money to spend, this is the correct way to do it. Your acceleration will be through the roof.

    Source(s): Honda/forced induction specialist
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    If you would really like a fast car, then your best bet is to sell that and get a better platform to work with. The obvious boltons are not going to make a civic hx competitive with any true sports car. Without a tremendous amount of time and money and decent knowledge of how motors work, you simply won't be able to make that car fast. To make matters worse the VTEC in a Civic HX is tuned for economy, not necessarily performance. You could drop a Si or GSR motor in there and go forced induction, but then you could still get yourself into something considerably faster for less money. If your just looking to race from stop light to stop light, which is where questions like this usually stem from, just take it slow and enjoy your fuel economy. Just my 2 cents though, its your car.

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    I suggest saving the money and getting a car with a better engine/tranny combo to work with, you could spends 10's of thousands of dollars on your car and it will be fast. OR you could save your self alot of money and get yourself something better to work with, if you MUST have an import i would go with an impreza wrx sti. They are good cars and with some money they can be pretty fast. But thats not the way i would go, me im more of a american muscle type of person. If your sticking with your car. Go for the basics. Do your exhaust from the hearder and back. Now here is where you need to make a decision, leave it N.A or go Forced air, i suggest going foced and add a turbo. With your new turbo add a intercooler, upgrade your ecu, upgrade all of your ignition. This will do quite a bit for your car. Your possibilites are limitless if you have enough money. Actually if you have enough money you could totally redo your car and drop in a v8 but i doubt you want to do that. So if you give us a budget then your answers will suit your situation better. Good luck, make your honda fast, but what ever you do dont make it a ricer!

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    Try engine swap. A B16A is OK but some are saying that the B18 is better. Also try some other recommendation Zack S. is giving. He pretty knows his stuff. Some of what he said is being done by my racing buddies and the change is acceleration is tremendous. Good luck and have a safe driving.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    T3 turbo

    2 stage nitrous

    electronic ignition boost

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Turbo, Super charge or Nos or you can always swap it out for a H22,B18 or the all mighty K20.

  • 1 decade ago

    1)Swap your original engine to a B20 engine,

    2)Put in a Toda 2.2 litre stroker kit with high compression pistons,

    3)Put in a set of Toda Spec C camshaft kit,

    4)Put in a set of Buddy Club voltage stabilizer & earth wire kit,

    5)Remove your aircon compressor & condensor. Swap your radiator with a Spoon racing radiator with a 1.3 bar radiator cap, racing thermostat & radiator hoses,

    6)Put in a Toda quad throttle body kit,

    7)Put in a Toda 4-2-1 racing header & a Fujitsubo racing exhaust system.

    8)Swap your stock ECU to a reflashed Hondata ECU,

    9)Put in a Carbonetics carbon clutch kit,

    10)Put in a Carbonetics carbon LSD,

    11)Put in a Carbonetics final drive kit,

    12)Change your coilovers to Fightex EX coilover kit,

    13)Put in ARC titanium strut bar, lower arm bar, J's racing engine shock absorber & other chassis reinforcements,

    14)Put in a carbon fibre bonnet with vent scoops & a carbon fibre front lip,

    15)Strip out all the soundproofing materials & seats, put only one carbon fibre bucket sit,

    16)Install a Buddy Club short shifter kit,

    17)Install a Momo steering wheel,

    18)Change your sport rims to a set of magnesium alloy rims.

    Enjoy your 9100rpm VTEC monster!!

  • 1 decade ago

    cold air intake



    itll give you some better performace to get up and go

    hondatech.info (FRee FSM)



  • 1 decade ago

    b16 swap. Basically, new engine, new tranny, new headers, intake manifolds, and exhaust. Dont forget the brakes =)

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