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Does he really like me?

I started liking this guy but he told me has a gf. But sometimes he acts like he still likes me. He's never really said anything about having feelings for me though.

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    Is he the same colour as you.....if so he might..MIGHT do ..if he is white.....No, unless he is a freaky offense meant just clarifying things for you

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    This sounds like a complicated situation.

    If he has asserted that he has a girlfriend but still shows interest in you then it is possible that he both likes you and has a girlfriend.

    Men do not commonly discuss their feelings and usually avoid direct presentation of romantic intentions with casual conversation and minor flirtation.

    The question you should ask yourself is, "If he does have feelings for me, what should I do?"

    A guy who has a girlfriend and is talking to other women leaving open the possibility to for feelings to form is not a very good catch. A guy that will leave one girl for another will do it time and time again.

    It is also possible that he just a friendly guy. If he expresses feelings later on consider the whole of the situation rather than quickly accepting or rejecting.

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    If the guy you like doesn't say anything to you then leave it alone.

    What is up with the first guy who answered? He needs to GROW UP!!!! Ignore him. He's a racist ignorant piece of trash who somehow manages to survive on a tiny tiny brain.

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    He probably is playing just to like hi and tell hhim the truth but pla back and make him jealous so he will run to you

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    Hmm...if he likes u he will let u know trust! Until then chill always keep it cool..

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