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Please help me with my fantasy football roster?

Below is my team and proposed starters. I'm struggling with who to start at WR, specifically my #2 and #3 guy as Harrison is a given.

I play in the standard Yahoo league with 1 pt per 20 yds (rushing and receiving) and 6 per TD and -2 per fumble

So the question is, who should I start? Do you agree that Driver and Branch are my best options??

And, do you agree with my RB choices?

QB Jon Kitna (Det - QB) SF

WR Marvin Harrison (Ind - WR) Buf

WR Donald Driver (GB - WR) @Min

WR Deion Branch(Sea - WR) StL

RB Tiki Barber (NYG - RB) Chi

RB Anthony Thomas (Buf - RB) @Ind

TE Kellen Winslow(Cle - TE) @Atl

BN Reggie Brown (Phi - WR) Was

BN Terry Glenn (Dal - WR) @Ari

BN Ahman Green (GB - RB)@Min

BN Eli Manning (NYG - QB) Chi

BN Carnell Williams (TB - RB) @Car

BN Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac - RB) Hou


I'm not from any of those cities.

I would ordinarily start Glenn, however with him re-aggrevating his injury on Friday and his 'game-time' status, I'm moving him to the bench.

As for Eli, I am torn...but I think Kitna's gonna have a big day.

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    yeah, it looks perfect to me. Here's why:

    Reggie Brown - the guys above me are stupid. Andy Reid said they would run the ball with Westbrook more in the 2nd half of the season. Also, the weather conditions are awful (rain, thunder), and McNabb won't be able to effectively throw the ball. Philly should lead early and not lose that lead for the rest of the game as the Redskins are absolutely pathetic. Plus, Stallworth is back, so Brown isn't a good option.

    WHY YOU PLAY DRIVER - okay, everyone knows that when you are losing, you want to get points fast. The way to do that is to throw and throw and throw. Driver gets the most looks out of all Green Bay players, and he is reliable when it comes to catching, be it short, long, or tiptoe sideline catches. Green Bay will be throwing all day long, as Green won't be able to get the running game going and they will be trailing most of the game. I see 100+ and AT LEAST 1 TD for Driver.

    Terry Glenn - isn't even playing this week due to injury

    Ahman Green - the Pack should fall behind early, so they will throw all day, meaning more looks to Driver, who is a good option at WR

    Eli Manning - who would you rather take? A good QB against the 49ers, who were torched by Grossman in 1 HALF! or Eli against DA BEARS. I have this same situation, and I'm taking Kitna.

    Cadillac Williams - TRADE HIM NOW! He won't hit 100 again this season.

    Maurice Jones-Drew - the only reason why I wouldn't start him is because Fred Taylor is still ahead of him. And I'd rather have Tiki who will get a lot of touches over a guy who's stuuck in a platoon.

    good luck

  • Start Reggie Brown over Driver. This is a must. Driver is going against vikings D that gives up 209yds a game and 8 TDs on the season and Reggie Brown is going against the 3rd worse D in the league. Washington has given up 242yds a game and 16 TDs on the season most in the NFL. Other than that your squad looks steller.

    Good Luck


  • No, no, no. You must be from Chicago, Detroit or Green Bay. You should start Terry Glenn. Romo should eat Arizona's defense up. In fact Denny Green, Arizona's coach likes to play a cover two on a teams best receiver. That would mean he would be doubling up on Terrell Owens. Look for Romo to start looking for the speedster Glenn for those deep passes. I would start Glenn in place of Driver. Also Chicago's has a good defense. But what you are saying by starting Tiki Barber is that they will be keyying on Manning and that N.Y. will run the ball. But Tiki, is a good running back, but look for the Giants to use him more as a receiving (running) back. Which means that Manning will have to throw him the ball. Bench Kitna, (who is he anyway----jk). ) Otherwise, your team looks good. But honestly, Bench Kitna. I also have Harrison on my fantasy teams. Big day for him today.

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    How could u not start brown. He an awesome reciever against a team that gives up passing. also u may want to consider jones-drew over thomas cause hes against hou at home. interestingly u have almost exaclty the same team i do and thats what i did

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    PLAY BROWN NOW!!! He's a good player and Washington is an AWEFUL pass defense. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a 100 yd, TD game from him. I'd drop Driver from the starting linup, but either him or Branch.

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    Your RBs are fine. I would start Brown though. Put him over Driver or Branch. It's tough to decide who to sit with Driver or Branch. Vikings Pass D is strong but the rams pass D sux but they spread the ball around. i would sit branch.

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    For all start/sit, trade, waiver wire etc questions I always check these guys out:


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