plz help me in my zodiac sign?

my B.O.D. is 25.08.1984 and my name is hemant so wat shd b my sun shine i mean acc to hindu panchang i.e. my name it`s kark or cancer but acc to bod it is virgo so which one i should follow and my 2 ques is wat is d diffrence between sun shine and moon shine

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    According to Western Astrology you would be a virgo. I don't know much about Hindu panchanga so I don't have much to tell you about that.

    I also cannot tell you which to pick, or believe in. Maybe pick up a book on the basics of panchanga and read up on your sign as well as a book on western astrology. Which I'm sure you'll find both have similar characteristics to eachother. You decide which best describes you.

    The Sun the core of the individual; the overriding nature and will. The moon is your emotional life and it's influence is more subtle because it relates to personality below the surface.

    According to your birthdate, your sun sign is Virgo and your Moon sign is Leo. Here's a brief description of what this means.

    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a very earnest, if contradictory personality. The pairing blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the vitality, confidence and authoritativeness of Leo. There is much internal indecision in your nature, but the Virgo personality is sure to rule. You do what you should, instead of what you would. You are naturally conscientious, revealing great working capacity or devotion to duty. You have a very confident and positive personality, often proving assertive, sometimes aggressive. Your assertive impulses may cause you to spend some time worrying when you later take the time to reflect and analyze what you have said or done. You feel better when you can hold back until you have that inner confidence that the direction you're headed is correct. You're a person of very high character and strong principles. You rely on individual worth and expect others to recognize your sincerity, and they usually do. You have a practical individuality and a discriminating nature. Your strengths of character and high principles should help you attain your potentials in life.

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