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Am i pregnant?

I had unprotected sex for the first time the day before my period but it was just 10 seconds and he took it out and he didnot ejaculate..i had my regular periods after 2 days and the next period too after 26 i had 2 period cycle after that..could i still be pregnant?

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    If what you say is accurate, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. Pre-cumm happens closer to ejaculation, and if it was only there for about ten seconds, there probably wasn't very much, or none at all.

    The fact that you have had two regular periods also indicates that you're not pregnant.

    If you're still in doubt, though, pick up a home pregnancy test, and take it. It would, no doubt, show up positive by now if you are.

    Relax, hon. You're not pregnant. Be more careful in the future, though, unless that is what you want.

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    Since none of us were there with you and most of us are in some situation where we're still trying to figure it out, the best thing to do is test. Try a urine pregnancy test then a blood test if you're still unsure. It doesn't really sound like you're pregnant but stranger things have happened, just keep reading everyone else's posts. Good luck if your trying, play it safe if you're not.

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    Yes, i had sex, got my period every month like normal for 3 months and found out that i was pregnant. the best thing to do is take a test or if you would feel better getting a blood test just schedule an app. with you Dr.

    Good Luck!

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    While the pull out meathod isnt a form of birth control, its unlikely you're pregnant.

    I got pregnant on the pull out meathod, lost the baby, but got pregnant none the less.

    To periods after would definitly signal that you are not pregnant. So would a negative pregnancy test.

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    I wouldnt think you were..but some people do still have there periods when there pregnant..but if he didnt precum or *** in you then no your not going to get pregnant or be pregnant.....try using a condom after this goodluck!

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    technically you could be pregnant... but if you are woried about it take a pregnancy test. read up on pregnancy and how to get/not get pregnant.

    Also, I am sure a question similar to this has been asked on this site almost a million times, maybe you should read through answered questions like this also.

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    obviously not. and if youre worried, then take a pregnancy test. theres no way anyone here could determine whether youre pregnant or not.

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    Very, very doubtful.

    If you are unsure, take a test.

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    maybe...but i'm not can consult a doctor or have a pregnant test

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    stop dreaming



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