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Boyfriend advice?

I havent had a boyfriend is that bad . i feel like a loser please tell me the truth is it bad when will i get one

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    depend on how old u are but even then u dont need a boyfriend to make u cool, but if u rly feel like a loser then ask out a guy that u like.

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    It depends how old you are. If your around the age of 12-13 years, don't feel bad. If your 14-16 you should atleast have had some expierience, and if your 17+ you should have had a boyfriend. But it's not like that for everyone, some people don't have grlfriend until their 21.

    About your question of "when wll you get one". That depends ALL on you, don't just get "one" for the fun of it. Until you really like someone, you cant just "get one"

    GoOd LuCk.

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    I haven't had a boyfriend untill I was 21!

    And now I'm almost 24, I'm having a long term relationship, as serious as can be, with a man I met a year and a half ago, that is PERFECT for me... we're planning our future together...

    do you think that not having a boyfriend until 21 was bad? Trust me, dear, you have all the time in the world!!!

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    Well how old are you? I don't think it's bad that u haven't had a bf yet..and u will get one when the time is right..depending on your personality,,u could be picky about the guys that u want to date and u don't even know it. If u want one that bad just be brave and go up and just ask a guy out that u like..

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    i don't think its bad i just think you haven't found one that you have clicked with a want to be with you will know if you want to be with someone and be in a relationship

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    no u r not a losser infact you r lucky that u will never be hurt by someone whom u love be proud yaar

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    it depends on how old you are.

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